Utility Bill Assistance



Humboldt Utilities Round Up-Plus assistance programs

The Round Up-Plus program is a resource from Humboldt Utilities that can provide financial help for paying a wide variety of expenses. One of them is utility bills, and this may be all types including energy, heating, water, and others. It is assistance for special needs too, even food or medicine.

The Humboldt Utilities corporation created this to help the less fortunate with their bills in a crisis and to also provide an opportunity for people to give back as it relies on donations. What happens is that customers of Humboldt Utilities can decide to round up their monthly utility bill to the next highest dollar amount each month.

Applying for utility bill help

For applications on getting emergency financial help, contact Helping Hand of Humboldt, Inc. at (731) 824-1757. They will assess each request for utility bill help (or other assistance from Round Up) before disbursing funds. Any financial aid is discretionary and no one is entitled to receiving any help. In addition, as noted, Round Up-Plus can pay more than just utility bills – other emergency expenses may be covered too. A committee of several staff members will decide on applications.

Helping Hand of Humboldt is also a place to donate to the Humboldt Utilities Round Up-Plus assistance program. In addition to that, the company can direct clients to other social services. All sorts of options are available in Tennessee for assisting with utility bills or other needs too. Some of those options include payments plans from Humboldt or other companies, LIHEAP grants, weatherization, cash assistance and more. In fact, all of these different assistance programs can be combined by a low income family or one living in poverty.

In most years about $30 to $40,000 may be paid out for needy customers from the assistance program. A good part of that goes to help people keep their lights, gas, or heat one. So, it is targeted for utility bills. The balance goes to other living expenses that the team at Helping Hand of Humboldt approved.





As noted, dial (731) 824-1757 for applications or more details on applying for Humboldt Utilities Round Up-Plus assistance programs.

How does Humboldt Utilities Round Up-Plus work?

First of all, it is voluntary. Second of all the typical monthly donation us $18 per year, or $1.50 per month. It is a little different than a “standard” round up in that it works the following way. The monthly utility bill is rounded up to the next highest dollar amount and then an extra buck is added to that donation.

As an example, if the customers utility bill was $63.23, that bill ill be rounded up to $64 and then an extra dollar is added, bringing the total to $65. In that example, the total donation amount will be $1.77. 100% of that money goes to help a lower income family pay energy bills or other expenses. Donate or contribute today to give back, get a tax deduction, and make a difference.