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Indianapolis Power & Light Winter utility assistance

One resource that can help fill the demand for utility bill help is Indianapolis Power & Light Winter Fund. This program is but one option people have, and in fact it is often used as a last resort. The program, which uses donated money, may be able to assist seniors, the very low income that have a crisis, and disabled.

Any funds are strictly for paying utility bills, including (but not limited too) natural gas, heating, electric, or lights from January to May. The service in question must be one provided by  Indianapolis Power & Light. This means that Winter Assistance Fund will not help pay for any type of utility that the company does not offer.

The dollar amount paid out to a recipient will be small. It is generally less than $100, so it is effective as being a partial payment. There is a formal application process. The team at the company can go over it as well as discuss what supporting documentation is required. Or individuals can call on other local non-profits, such as the United Way.

However the program does allow people to use this resources and combine it with other assistance, such as from LIEAP or another local non-profit donation service. This approach allows an Indianapolis Power & Light customer to combine many types of financial aid in an effort to keep their power on.

Indianapolis Power & Light Winter Assistance Fund also is paid for using donations from the community. This is one of the main reasons that only a small amount of money will ever be paid out. Another reason for the minimal amount of utility bill assistance provided to each client is to ensure the largest number of customers are supported. The approach is that if more people get small amounts of aid, that this is better than given a large amount of energy bill assistance to a small number of households.






Similar to how the funds are paid out, the donation program is open to any small dollar amount. Most of the donors to it give less than $1 per month (by rounding up their bill) and only a small number of contributors give more than that. There have been cases in which up to $100 was donated to Indianapolis Power & Light Winter Assistance Fund. But no amount is ever turned away!

Anyone that donates go feel good that their contribution will often help keep the lights or heat on in a home. In fact, since the money stays local, it can maybe assist one of the people in their immediate region...or even neighborhood. This is where the concept of paying it forward or neighbor helping neighbor comes from.

Contributions to Indianapolis Power & Light Winter Assistance Fund are also often tax deductible. This means that not only will someone assist a less fortunate person with keeping their utilities on by paying a portion of a bill, but it also lessens the donors IRS tax burden. So there are multiple benefits.

For more information on Indianapolis Power & Light Winter Assistance Fund, call 317-923-1466. Both donations and applications for help will be covered by this intake line.



By: Jon McNamara


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