Utility Bill Assistance


Johnson City Heisse Johnson Hand Up energy bill assistance

Recurring donations as well as one time contributions to Johnson City Power Board Heisse Johnson Hand Up Program are used to help pay utility bills. The program, which is commonly called Round Up or charity care, can assist a very low income individual with keeping their lights or heat on for a defined period of time.

All of the applicants need to be living in (or near too) poverty. This level is set by the federal government each year, and it factors in the “size” of the household including children. In addition, utility bill assistance from Johnson City Power Board is given to senior citizens, the disabled, or people facing a crisis. If, and only if, money is available after those bills have been paid may donations be used by other customers.

Round up or one-time contributions

Donate to this neighbor to neighbor service. Johnson City Power Board Heisse Johnson Hand Up Program is an effective way to give back to the community. There are a few advantages to doing this.

  • -100% of the funds are used for paying utility bills, and no contributions go for administrative costs.
  • -The funds stay local, thus the “neighbor to neighbor” concept.
  • -100% of every dollar donated can be tax deductible, however always check with an adviser if need be.
  • -Heisse Johnson Hand Up Program accepts both one-time as well as monthly Round Up Donations.

The only use for a contribution is for paying utility or heating costs. Since the application process is strict, all funds go to people who are the most deserving and are facing an exceptional hardship. Contributions do not go to supporting the long term homeless and/or those individuals that have shown no ability on their own to keep current. This will help increase the effectiveness of the service.






Donors can also feel more confident in Johnson City Power Board Heisse Johnson Hand Up Program as not only does the community contribute, but money also comes from employees and management. This shows how a contribution is used wisely, as those employees would not donate if they lacked confidence in the program. This fact in itself shows that it can be effective at paying energy bills for a subset of struggling customers.

Johnson City Power Board Heisse Johnson Hand Up Program assists with shut off

Anyone with some life circumstance that is causing them to struggle (such as death of spouse, unexpected illness, or some other condition) can apply for assistance, but Good Samaritan and the Salvation Army run it for the company. If found qualified, the donations that fund Heisse Johnson Hand Up Program will be used to help a family keep their heat or power on. It is a form of short term relief that is one-time in nature.

The application process is straightforward, and to learn more dial 423-926-2101 for the Salvation Army or 423-928-0288 for Good Samaritian . However the amount of funding is limited. Anyone seeking assistance for a utility bill should never plan on having their entire account brought current. Instead they should plan on using some of their own income as well for keeping their electricity on.