Utility Bill Assistance


Help and assistance in Kansas with heating, electric, and utility bills

The Kansas Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) is a federally funded assistance program that is used to provide help with paying heating and utility bills. It helps Kansas households with paying a portion of their home heating and energy costs by providing a one-time per year benefit. This assistance needs to be applied for each year during the application period. Continue.

The Kansas Weatherization Assistance Program (K-WAP) is a program that operates year round. It is an energy conservation program that will help qualified households with paying for home weatherization needs. You can stop getting hurt by those high, and increasing, energy bills. You can take steps to conserving energy and lowering your heating and utility bills by applying for weatherization aid.

Emergency Energy Fund
Provides assistance of up to $100, and applicants are able to receive these funds once every two years.

This assistance program provides payments toward air conditioning and heating and the aid can go toward electricity, fuel oil, natural gas, propane, or wood bills throughout Kansas. When adequate funds are available, assistance and grants are also available to help pay for for emergency repairs to air conditioners, furnaces, hot water heaters and other energy related equipment. Help and assistance may also be available for repairs to doors and broken windows. The disabled and elderly are given priority to this assistance when funds are limited. Read more.

Atmos Energy (Sharing the Warmth), Kansas City Power & Light (Dollar Aide) - Both of these Kansas companies offer assistance with utility and heating bills from these programs.






The resources focus on the most vulnerable, such as seniors. Only a small dollar amount is paid out for utility bills. Both rely on donations, and find details on Kansas City Power & Light, read more.

Atmos Energy - A few other resources are also available for Kansas customers of this energy provider. Click here.

Gift of Warmth - This program is offered in most counties throughout the state, and it does not matter who your utility or energy company is. Learn more.

Kansas Gas Service - Receive assistance from the Gift of Warmth program. Aid helps Kansas families pay gas and utility bills. More.

Midwest Energy provides assistance from Customers Care. Agencies work with the company to offer funds for paying utility and heating bills. The money is donated and will assist low income customer. More information.

Pioneer Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Offers the We Care program. Cash grants are available to help families in need as a result of difficult circumstances, such as a job loss, illness, or other medical emergency. Grants can be used to pay a variety of bills, including electric bills. Click here.

Westar Energy - Project Deserve Assistance offers utility bill assistance and heating aid. Total assistance available is up to $200, which can be provided once per year. The Red Cross manages this program. Read more.