Utility Bill Assistance


Liberty Utilities Share the Warmth utility assistance

Available as a last resort in a crisis, the program known as Share the Warmth was created from donations. Funds may be available from this resource to help a very small number of Liberty Utilities qualified families pay their utility bills when they have no other options available to them. The applicant needs to have explored other charities, local donation services, and government energy programs first, before applying to Liberty Utilities Share the Warmth.

Below is more information on both how to apply for help and to also donate. The grants available from Share the Warmth will come with a strict application process in place. While there are many reasons for this, one of the key ones is that this is paid for using donations from the community.

The agencies that process applications do not want any abuse in the program, as people as well as businesses will stop contributing if that were to happen. Therefore any assistance for energy bills will come with a close examination of the applicant's finances, monthly budget, and capacity to gain self-sufficiency.

Donations are accepted year round. Not only can individual's contribute, but there are also dozens of local businesses that hold fund raisers for Liberty Utilities. They collect money from the community, and the company will often match them up to a certain dollar amount. All of this assistance contributed is used to help less fortunate families pay their electric bills so they can keep their power on.

During certain seasons of the year, more of the assistance from Share the Warmth tends to be paid out. As just two examples, seniors may be more likely to receive help for their heating bills during the winter, as the lack of heat can create a medical condition. Another example is Liberty Utilities Share the Warmth may also pay out more funds during the summer months for utility/cooling bills. This is also critical to keep a home cool.






When someone decides to contribute, they can do so on a one time basis or enroll into a round up service. The later will “round up” each monthly utility bill to the next highest amount, and the incremental difference is used by Liberty Utilities as a donation to Share the Warmth. All of those small dollar amount contributed (many of which are in cents) are combined to help the vulnerable.

Applications for assistance from the program are accepted year round. The customer service team can direct the Liberty Utilities customer to an application site. During certain periods of the year they may process the application themselves over the phone, but this is not common. No matter the case though, the support team will answer questions on Share the Warmth as well as any other local programs for paying utilities.

Any aid is paid-out first come and served. The donations will usually run out some time during the year, and very rarely will all people who seek help obtain it. When requesting assistance from Liberty Utilities Share the Warmth, note that most cases will be denied, but referrals may be given in lieu of it. Call 706-221-6704.