Utility Bill Assistance


The Campaign For Fair Electric Rates Will Help You Fight High Utility Bills

The Campaign for Fair Electric Rates is a newly formed, grassroots advocacy group and effort that is fighting to protect consumers like you. The group wants to:

  • Educate consumers, policy makers, businesses, and Members of Congress about the failure of the deregulation of utility companies and the wholesale electricity markets to provide any benefits to consumers.
  • Encourage all consumers, including you, to contact your Senators and Representatives to ask that they urge the agency charged with overseeing these markets, which is the the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, to quickly take steps now to protect consumers against unreasonable and unjust and utility bills rates. Also, you need to ask the government to increase their assistance programs for utility bills.
  • The group wants a market structure that produces reasonable and fair utility bill prices, is just to all market participants, and where the benefits of factors such issues such as fuel diversity and operational efficiencies are shared among all, including consumers.
  • The Campaign for Fair Electric Rates also wants to hear the personal stories of those who are struggling with high electric bills, about how increasingly high electric rates are impacting both your life and how they impact your community.


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