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Madison County Friend to Friend utility assistance

For anyone who needs assistance with paying a portion of a utility bill, the Madison County Indiana Friend to Friend program may be able to help. The resource, which is free to sign up for/apply too, provides clients with energy bill help from donations raised in the community.

Low income customers, who have used up all of their LIHEAP grants, are the primary beneficiaries of the program. They will receive (if qualified) small amounts of money for paying utility bills, heating costs, and also gas bills too. There is also financial aid for senior citizens (who may live on a fixed income or retirement funds), the disabled (who depend on SSI), and the jobless, who often rely on small amounts of unemployment help. So many different situations are covered by Madison County Friend to Friend.

When it comes to donations, that money comes from one of many sources. Funds are contributed by (1) individuals (2) businesses (3) employees of Madison County energy companies (4) and matching corporate funds. So many different sources of funding are available for helping low income families pay their utility bills. But as noted, the contributions allow this energy assistance program to work. Without the generosity of those various groups (and many others from the community such as volunteers), then not help would be available.

Terms and conditions of Madison County Friend to Friend

The program is all encompassing. But it is one of last resort. This means that any money to pay for energy or utility bills is limited. It is only for a select type of customer who meets all program terms and conditions. In addition, Madison County Friend to Friend is only offered when the customer has used up all other resources from local charities, LIHEAP grants, and similar programs.






Donation terms – These of course are much more flexible. First, it is a voluntary service. This means no one needs to contribute. Or if they start to donate money, whether one time or on a monthly basis, the program allows the donor to start or stop the payments at any time.

Another benefit is that the money stays local. Each and every dollar will help people pay their utility bills in the local community. This means that in effect an elderly person who lives on the same street as the donor may be able to have their lights or heat stay on. Or maybe Madison County Friend to Friend allows them just enough time with their heat on so they can apply for long term financial aid, whether it is welfare, TANF, or something else.

Criteria for assistance – Madison County Friend to Friend requires program terms and conditions to be met. The energy assistance is not just for anyone. Some of the criteria that need to be met in order to receive any of the donated money is as follows.

1)The applicant needs proof of income.

2)They need to be a customer of Madison County utilities of course, as any utility bill assistance is only for current customers.

3)Other documentation is proof of residency, copies of identification, social security cards, employment information, and more.

The goal of the assistance from the program is to help a customer keep their power on for a short period of time. Or it can pay a portion of the Madison County utility bill as a one time event only. But when this occurs, it will often just be enough money to give the customer some “breathing room”, or time to make other financial changes in their life which can lead to self-sufficiency.

For more information on the Madison County Friend to Friend program, the primary phone number of the customer support team is at the energy company. Or the applicant can try a local human service office or charity for applications. The point is that the program can help the client with their unpaid energy or utility bills.



By: Jon McNamara


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