Utility Bill Assistance



Maine help with heating, electric, and utility bills.

Utility Assistance Program (LIAP)
Maine’s utility companies are required to create or maintain a program to make electric bills and heating bills more affordable and to help state residents with advise on how to lower utility bills. The Maine State Housing Authority implements, administers, and coordinates the statewide plan and the individual LIAPs programs in conjunction with its delivery of LIHEAP. The fund distributed amount to almost $6 million yearly.

Energy Efficiency Programs also supported to help lower utility bills
Low Income Refrigerator Replacement
This is a collaborative effort involving the Maine State Housing Authority, Efficiency Maine, and the state’s Community Action Programs. The program will replace old, inefficient refrigerators and it will installs energy efficient lighting in the homes of qualified consumers to help residents lower electric bills.





Emergency Charitable Assistance
Maine Sea Coast Mission
This organization provides emergency assistance for heat and electricity for both coastal and island communities from mid- state to Downeast coastal Maine. More on utility assistance from Maine SeaCoast.

Central Maine Power
One of the states largest energy providers, this utility company offers its customers a few of its own direct programs, and they also partner with non-profits across Maine in order to offer additional assistance to customers who need help. Every year thousands of families are supported so that they do not have their utilities turned off. Find additional information on the Central Maine Power assistance programs.

Maine Housing programs
If you can’t afford to pay electric bills, heat your home, or if you would benefit from energy improvements such as a new heating system, new insulation, or even energy efficient appliances, assistance may be available from this program. Lower income households may be eligible for energy improvements and heating assistance at no cost to them. Moderate-income households may also qualify for low cost energy and electricity saving loans.


By: Jon McNamara



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