Utility Bill Assistance


Massachusetts Give the Gift of Warmth.

One of the leading utility and heating bill assistance programs in Massachusetts is the Good Neighbor Energy Fund. It relies on donations from people across the state, and those contributions are known as Give the Gift of Warmth. Additional donations are always needed. Funds will be provided to people who are at risk of disconnection and who have no other resources available to them.

The Salvation Army oversees the program in the state. They will accept donations, process applications, and ensure the money goes to people who need help. Each and every year they will launch a campaign to collect money. The non-profit will also work with utility and energy companies across the region as well as the general public. Over twenty utilities in the state Commonwealth work with the Salvation Army and support the fund through various matching and giving programs

Assistance goes to those Massachusetts households who are struggling with paying a month's utility bill. Applicants also need to have no other options available to them and can’t be eligible for state or federal government energy assistance funds. Usually a couple thousands households can be assisted every year.

The number of requests for assistance is always increasing. This can be due to the cold temperatures in Massachusetts, the still challenging economy and high costs of living. The Salvation Army will always greatly appreciate any donations from those who can afford to contribute. People can contribute as much as they want and enclose a donation with the green envelopes found in your utility bills.






If you want to apply, conditions and restrictions are in place as well. The Good Neighbor Energy Fund is usually the last resort for lower income families that have not qualified for federal government and/or state of Massachusetts assistance programs. Your income will need to be between 60 and 80 percent of the state's average household income levels, and it does factor in the number of people in your household.

The generosity of people across the state and energy customers is the key to keeping people warm during the winter. Those Massachusetts families who want to participate in the Give the Gift of Warmth program can contribute by using the Good Neighbor Energy Fund envelope. This will be in most monthly energy bills. Or you can donate by contacting the Salvation Army, or signing up in the “add a dollar” programs that some utilities offer. Just stop by or call your location Salvation Army center or call customer service at your utility provider.