Utility Bill Assistance



Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund.

This program was established over 25 years ago. It was formed as the result of a cooperative effort between The Salvation Army as well as sponsoring Massachusetts utility, gas and energy companies. Another organizations that contributes and support the Good Neighbor Energy Fund include the Massachusetts State Commonwealth Government, local charities, and non-profits across the state. Since it was created, the Good Neighbor Energy Fund has raised almost $20 million for customers and it has provided utility bill assistance to  nearly 75,000 households across the state. It has assisted them with paying a month's energy expense. The intent of the fund is to provide energy bill assistance to those in temporary crisis or short term hardship.

Eligibility to the Good Neighbor Energy Fund

Many people who either do not qualify for federal government program, or have used up all the aid from those programs, may be able to get assistance from the Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund. The fund provides assistance to any Massachusetts resident who has, because of temporary financial difficulty or some type of short term hardship or crisis, cannot meet a month's energy bill expense and is not eligible for state or federal government utility assistance.

As with all assistance programs, there are some criteria that must be met. Total household income for either the prior twelve months or the past month (times 12 months for a total annual figure) of the person who is apply for help must fall between 60 and 80 percent of the state governments median income levels.





There is a limited window in which to apply for assistance. Emergency Grant Applications for the fund will be accepted starting December of each and every year. Funding is limited as well. The maximum amount of the  grant offered per eligible household is $300 per season regardless of amount owed on a customers utility bill Grants for a household must be paid directly to the vendor that supplies the customer with their utility service.

Since the program was established over 25 years ago, the Good Neighbor Energy Fund has helped tens of thousands of families and individuals across Massachusetts pay their utility, electric, heating oil, and gas bills. Aid is available to customers when, due to temporary financial difficulty they can’t pay their energy bills.

If you are interested in more information or applying for help, you may apply or learn more by calling or stopping by your local Salvation Army branch. Or you can dial 1-800-334-3047.