Utility Bill Assistance



Assistance in Massachusetts with electric, utility and heating bills.

There are charities, government energy bill assistance programs, and local resources for towns and cities in Massachusetts, and all of the programs are intended to help families pay their utility bills as well as save money. A major focus is on assisting with heating bills or oil during the winter months.

Find below a list of assistance programs ranging from charitable grants, LIHEAP, to free weatherization home improvements. all of them can help income qualified residents in Massachusetts either pay their utility or heating bills or conserve energy.

Government programs in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Fuel Assistance (LIHEAP)
The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which is usually called fuel assistance, will help lower income households in Massachusetts with paying their heating bills. LIHEAP eligibility is provided based on gross household income. Both renters and homeowners in Massachusetts may apply for this low-income energy assistance program. In addition, most fuel assistance households will also qualify for help with other utility bills, weatherization, and emergency furnace repairs. Read more.

Tens of millions of dollars will be spent in Massachusetts each and every year to help residents modernize and weatherize their homes. Most of the aid is for the poor, low income, or elderly. More.

MassSAVE is an energy savings program for both Massachusetts state renters and homeowners. MassSAVE will offer energy information and tips about free energy-saving products, home energy assessments, and even rebates, loans, and other financial incentives for energy-saving home improvements.





Laws in Massachusetts

  • Utility Arrearage Programs
    Utility arrearage programs will help Massachusetts households with paying their overdue utility bills. in addition to that, the service  help restore utility service and help households prevent shutoffs. This assistance programs offers debt forgiveness, payment plans, or a combination of the two.
  • Utility Bill Discounts
    Utility bill discounts are lower rates that are charged to low-income Massachusetts customers for electricity, gas,  and telephone service. Massachusetts state law requires regulated utility companies to offer discounted rates to customers who meet income limits and receive public assistance benefits. Be sure to ask your utility provider about discounted rates.
  • Utility Shutoff Protection
    Massachusetts law will prevent utility companies from turning off service to households in special situations. Those protected include low-income families with infants, senior households, as well as people with serious illnesses who cannot afford to pay their utility bills. During the winter months, utility companies can never shut off heating-related utilities for those households under a financial hardship.

Help with energy bills from utility companies and charities

Citizens Energy Heat Assistance Programs
Citizens Energy heat and utility bill assistance programs will also give financial help to low-income Massachusetts residents who can’t afford to pay their heating bills. Citizens Energy has a program both for consumers who use natural gas oil, and a program for people who heat with heating oil. Qualified homeowners can receive either a voucher for free heating oil or a gas bill credit to help pay bills for eligible Massachusetts households who heat with natural gas.





Programs offered to help those in need save money on energy and heating bills include fuel assistance, utility bill discount rates, and energy efficiency services. Several of the state’s utility companies have joined together to offer these aid programs to qualifying households. This energy saving initiative is known as Energy Bucks.

Gift of Warmth
This is offered as part of the Energy Fund mentioned above. Money is raised across the state from households and fund raising drives. All of this assistance is then paid to qualified lower income families. Learn more.

Good Neighbor Energy Fund
The Good Neighbor Energy Fund helps people in need pay for other electric and energy bills, as well as their winter heating fuel. This assistance Fund is for consumers who are facing a short-term financial crisis and if they do not qualify for any other government fuel assistance programs. More.

Berkshire Gas - Discounted Residential Rates are offered to lower income customers. Also, the Residential Arrearage Management Program (RAMP) will provide help with paying old, unpaid utility and heating bills to eligible low-income families. In addition, they will help families save money from the Energy Savings Programs, which offers free energy saving improvements, such as insulation and many others.

Citizens Energy / Distrigas - Oil Heat Program can give low income families free or heavily discount heating oil and the Heat Assistance Program (CEDHAP) provides up to a $150 credit to help with bills. The company also runs Energy Share, which can help pay winter heating bills. Learn more.

City of Boston - HeatWorks provides energy saving services for seniors over the age of 60, and the Senior Home Emergency Home Repair Program is another program for seniors to assist them with high utility bills, and this program will help seniors prepare their homes for the cold winter season.

Essex County Gas Company - Offers a twenty percent discount to low income families

National Grid/ KeySpan Energy Delivery (Boston, Essex and Colonial Gas Companies) - Provides free weatherization services to those in need, and struggling families may be eligible to receive utility bill savings if they are a low-income residential customer. Additional details.

Littleton Electric Light Department - Has a disabled and Senior Citizen Discounts, which will waive the base customer fee.

Mansfield offers emergency assistance to low income customers who do not qualified for government aid, such as LIHEAP. The Community Assistance Fund is the name of the program, and it helps with utility and other energy bills. More on Mansfield Community Assistance Fund.

Massachusetts Electric - A utility bill savings program is in effect for lower income families.

Middleborough Gas and Electric Department - Senior Discount offers a discount on utility bills to families and seniors that are 60 years and older.

North Attleborough Electric Department - Residential Assistance A 5 provides additional savings on utility bills.





NSTAR - The R2 Discount Rate Plan is a lower utility bills rate to assist those customers who receive certain government aid or who qualify for other fuel assistance. MassSAVE is an energy saving program that is offered that will help those in need achieve lower utility bills. Read more on assistance programs from NSTAR, including direct cash assistance.

Unitil/Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company - Has a discount rate program for residential customers who qualify for other means-tested public assistance programs.

Western Massachusetts Electric - Residential Discount Rate and NUStart. These programs assist those with unpaid utility bills, and also offers a discounted utility bill rate. Click here for more information on this and other services.

You can find additional help and aid, as well as the latest news stories, in Massachusetts. More.