Utility Bill Assistance


Menasha Wisconsin Project Share utility donation program.

Residents from Menasha give money and contribute to the Project Share program. The money raised and the generous donations from the community go towards helping customers with paying their utility bills. The program is available in a crisis to those that qualify and the applicant needs to be facing a financial hardship or crisis. In addition, applicants can’t have any other non-profit or government resources available to them.

Project SHARE was created to be an easy way to help the less fortunate in the community with their utility bills. Much of the aid goes to families with children or elderly members that are facing some form of crisis situation. The program only runs during the winter and spring months, so it is not a year round resource.

The program relies on donation. The Project Share Fund will receive contributions and pay authorized statements. All contributions made are tax-deductible, however those people that do donate can always check with their accountant. Customers or local businesses that are wishing to assist local, lower income families facing emergency situations with paying their energy bills may designate a monthly or annual contribution to the Project Share Fund.

Any participation in the program is as easy as adding a few extra dollars to your utility bill payment each month. Or a person or business can make a lump sum donation at any time. Individuals can even make the tax deductible donation to Project SHARE by rounding their monthly utility bill up to the next dollar, adding a set dollar amount to their account each month, or they can decide on a combination of the two. All disbursements to qualified individuals and families will be authorized from LEAVEN, which is a non-profit agency based in Menasha.

To apply, keep in mind that Project Share relies on voluntary donations. So it is limited in scope and in the number of households that can be assisted. It was created in an effort to assist needy and struggling households in paying their wintertime energy and gas bills. Any funds will then be distributed to neighbors in need for wintertime energy costs. To learn more or apply for assistance, residents will need to contact the Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation. A number of application conditions are in place and will need to be met by applicants.






Anyone from Menasha Wisconsin that qualifies for help will be carefully identified by an area social service or non-profit agency. A local, non-profit independent committee will oversee Project Share to guarantee all contributions will be handled efficiently and equitably.

In some cases, Project Share may be combined with a Deferred Payment program. This will help keep the customers service connected while they make payments on their account over a reasonable, defined payment period. The state helps regulate this program.

Another program that can help is Budget Billing. This will level set the higher electric bills many receive during the summer and winter months. So it should hopefully reduce any chance for a crisis when it comes to the cold winter months. To learn more on this or any other assistance programs, the customer service department can be contacted at 967-3402 or 967-3403.