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Get help in Missouri with Energy, Heating, and Utility Bills

There are a number of assistance programs available in Missouri for paying utility bills. Grants may be used for winter heating costs, there is emergency light and electric bill help, payment plans, and more. The primary assistance programs, either from the government or utility providers themselves, are listed below.

Government energy bill help in Missouri

The Missouri Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, known as LIHEAP, has two primary  components, to help with heating and utility bills. One is the Energy Crisis Assistance Program (ECIP), which helps Missouri residents facing an immediate emergency.

The second is the Energy Assistance/Regular Heating (EA). The EA program is designed to provide financial assistance for help pay heating bills as well as utilities for Missourians during the winter months of October, November, December, January, February, and March. Eligibility requirements for this assistance program are based on family size, income, available resources and the responsibility for the payment of home heating costs. Those eligible for EA may also qualify those state residents for additional financial assistance with bills through ECIP and/or weatherization services funded by LIHEAP.

LIHEAP - The federal government provides cash grants to low income families from the energy assistance programs. Most of the money is used to pay winter heating bills, however some funds are also provided for summer air conditioning expenses. Cash can be used to pay regular monthly bills, or assistance when someone is facing a disconnection. Read more.





Or if you need help with lowering your utility bills, paying housing costs, or other forms of aid there are resources available. Many Missouri social service agencies put homeowners into contact with mortgage service providers or tenants in touch with housing programs. Additional financial aid for utility bill and other costs may also be offered. Missouri will also provide weatherization assistance as a free conservation measure from these government programs.

A home that is weatherized can lower the average annual fuel consumption and bills by up to 14% percent, which is made up of natural gas at 23.4 percent and electricity at 12.5 percent. Lower utility bills makes this a cost-effective option to help low-income families with their heating and energy bills. Lasting energy-efficient improvements are installed for free, or at very low rates, in the home, which results in lower utility bills year after year. This will help reduce the amount of assistance that is needed for homeowners to pay higher utility bills in lower income households.

Since the Missouri weatherization program began in the late 1970s, weatherization funds have been provided to to weatherize hundreds of thousands of Missouri homes. This program does a great job in supporting energy-efficient housing, long-term reduction in utility bills as well as increasing the comfort and safety of those served.

Utility company assistance programs in Missouri

AmerenUE - Offers Operation Weather Survival (OWS) and Dollar More. OWS provides provides air conditioning units and also minor weatherization improvements. Dollar More helps the need pay utility bills. AmerenUE also provides additional weatherization services to many of those who need assistance. More.





Atmos Energy - The Sharing the Warmth assistance program helps with gas bills. It uses donations to help less fortunate customers. Read more.

Boone County - H.E.L.P. (Heat Energy and Light Program) will give one-time emergency assistance cash grants to assist families with young children for paying utility bills. C.A.S.H. (Citizens Assisting Seniors and Handicapped) is a utility bill assistance program for families with senior citizens or disabled. Read more.

C.A.S.H and HEAT programs - These are only available in Boone County. Donations can help seniors, the disabled, or families with children pay their utility bills. Funds are limited and conditions are in place for assistance. Read more.

City of Columbia - Households that have a member who is a senior citizen or that has a disability may be able to get help with their utility bills. There is also a focus on paying winter heating costs. Project SHARE is available in some cases. Read more.

City of Fulton Missouri - The EAP (Energy Assistance Program) is run in partnership with the local community action agency. Money is raised from the community to help pay utility, energy, and heating bills. Continue reading.

Community Services League - Manages an assistance program that offers help to families that will provide weatherization improvements.

Empire District Electric Company - Empire's Action to Support the Elderly (EASE) provides a reduction in fees and waivers to deposits. Project Help assists senior citizens and the disabled. Find more Missouri Empire Electric assistance programs.

HeatShare - This is a utility bill assistance program that primarily assists is the disabled and elderly. The assistance program can also help anyone with an unexpected emergency. The HeatShare program will provide assistance with paying electricity, natural gas, propane, heating oil, or wood bills. Some assistance is also paid to make repairs to equipment, doors, windows, and other improvements. Read more.

Heat-Up St. Louis - This program focuses on assisting the elderly, disabled, and lower income families with their unpaid heating or utility bills. It only covers the immediate city area. Learn more.

Independence Power & Light Department - The aid program called Independence Rate Assistance Program (IRAP) will pay 50% of the utility bill for those over 60 and disabled, if other conditions are met. In addition, IShare assists with paying water, electric, or gas bills. Find more information on how to get assistance with energy bills in Independence Missouri. Read more.




Jackson County Energy Assistance and Help Paying Bills - Has an assistance program that helps pay winter heating bills.

Kansas City Board Of Public Utilities partners with the united Way and social service agencies to raise money and provide energy bill assistance to the less fortunate. There is also a hardship program. More information on Kansas City BPU assistance programs.

Kansas Power & Light - The Dollar Aide Program will provides assistance for numerous bills, including heating, water, and electricity. Learn more.

Laclede Gas Company - Free energy saving workshops are offered through the “EnergySmart – Customer Education Program. Also, Dollar-Help, Inc. (DHI) provides cash grants lower income families, to elderly, and also disabled households for their energy needs. Read more.

Missouri Public Service (MPS) provides additional weatherization services.

Missouri Gas Energy - Extra Help Gas Bill Assistance is available for LIHEAP program customers. Also, the Neighbors Helping Neighbors provides emergency utility bill assistance. Get more information on all Missouri Gas assistance programs.

North Central Missouri Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Caring Co-op Neighbors is an assistance program that helps with a variety of emergencies, including utility and heating bills. It serves a 3 county region. Read more on NCMEC Cooperative Caring Co-op Neighbors Assistance Program.

RMU, or Rolla Municipal Utilities, offers Helping Hand. Hundreds of customers may be given financial help to pay their utility bills each year, with an average of under $100 given. It is run with GRACE. More on Helping Hands Rolla Municipal Utilities assistance program.

Spire Energy, also sometimes called Laclede, provides various forms of financial assistance in Missouri. DollarHelp can provide cash for paying energy or heating bills, payment plans can reduce a balance, and there is other help too. Read more Spire Energy Missouri Dollar Help.





Springfield residents can either donate to, or apply for assistance for paying their utilities, from Project Share. The applications to this program go through Neighborhood Centers, but there may be funds for paying energy bills from City Utilities. Learn more.

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