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National Fuel Gas New York Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund utility assistance

Members of the community give back by donating to the National Fuel Gas Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund utility bill assistance program. The contributions come from many places, including private individuals, businesses, and the company itself. All of these donations are used to help less fortunate customers pay their utility bills, including heating and electric.

The program was created back in the 1990s. Since then thousands of families as well as low income individuals have received assistance. There has also been hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to National Fuel Gas Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund, and 100% of those funds have gone to keep the lights, heat, and power on of less fortunate customers. While it has been effective in helping paying past due or future utility bills, it is not a solution in of itself.

Therefore the funds paid out will be combined with other assistance. National Fuel Gas will not only use the donation program of Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund, but the customer support staff will explore everything from LIHEAP / weatherization to setting up payment plans. The company may also refer customers to a local social service agency for additional support. Whatever can be done to help the customer will be attempted to be done.

National Fuel Gas Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund is open for anyone to apply to, but there are limits as well as priorities in place. Since this is a public service / donation program in New York, the main goal is to make sure that every dollar and cent that is donated is used effectively. There is a focus on eliminating fraud, ensuring only the most deserving get utility bill help, and that all of the applicant's documentation is in place. Therefore bring proof of income, monthly expenses, copies of statements for a lease or mortgage, and details on all household members.






After a screening is done by either a staff member or social service agency, and if qualified, funds will be disbursed in a matter of days. The money will go directly to the outstanding utility bill for payment; no cash is given to the National Fuel Gas customer. All types of fuel bills can be paid including heating, gas, oil, electricity, and many others.

Since the goal is to use donations wisely and to make a difference in the local community, this means the funds will also go to those with some form of unexpected barrier to paying the energy bill on their own. Therefore National Fuel Gas Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund may assist the low income senior who is struggling. Or if there is a household in which the primary wage earner has a crisis (ill, lost a job, divorce, etc.) then there may be help in those cases too. This is a focused assistance program and not just some general social safety net scheme.

This means that people seeking to donate can have confidence that there money will be used effectively. They can be rest assured that 100% of the contribution goes to providing assistance to the vulnerable and not to administrative costs. They will also be able to use the contribution as a tax deduction in New York as well as decide to donate in many ways. They include one time; recurring; or round up by contributing cents each month.

For more details on contribution or applying for assistance from National Fuel Gas Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund, dial 716-883-9800 or 716-856-4494.



By: Jon McNamara


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