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NBU assistance from donation program.

Customers of NBU can either donate to, or apply for assistance from, the donation program. This is targeted at helping families in an emergency pay their electric or heating bills so they can keep their power on. Only a small number of customers can receive help as it does rely on contributions from the community.

There are different ways to participate. As noted, the first is to donate money to it. Currently there are contributions coming from many people in the New Braunfels Utilities service territory as well as the partner The Kitchen Table of New Braunfels. There are individuals that give money, and they will receive a federal or state tax break if so. Other donations come from local businesses and there are also fund raisers help by providers in the community.

The program will also receive donations from New Braunfels Utilities itself. There will be matching grants given from the trustees at the company, and this will also go to fund the utility program. What this means is that for all of the money raised from other sources for paying bills, that particular amount will be increased by these matching funds. This means that even more customers will be able to receive help. Employees or management may also take part.

Donations can be made on a one time basis or through rounding up a current bill to the next dollar amount. The funds will also stay in the local region so they are not sent to some out of state resident or some family on the other side of the service territory. Keeping the money local can make a difference in the community.

For people that are seeking assistance, they can apply for help, including from The Kitchen Table of New Braunfels. Any aid is for a crisis only. The applicants need to be low income, but have some source of funds coming in as they need to pay future electric bill on their own.






Also, New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) will focus on seniors, families with young children, or those with a serious medical issue. Someone that does not fall into one of these categories is less likely to receive help. Unfortunately this is due to limited funds. As noted, since people in the territory donate to it, the number of households that can get help is very small.

When applying for utility bill assistance, the application process is extensive. There can be some or the following done or required. An interview may take place. The applicant should also have proof of income, number of household members, as well as their hardship. The screening done by NBU is also thorough due to the limited resources from the donations from the community.

For more information, contact NBU. Customer service representatives can provide details on who to donate (or stop a current contribution) or they will refer customers to application sites in the region. Or, if the program is not an option, then the customer service team may have other suggestions. The number is (210) 431-8306.




By: Jon McNamara


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