Utility Bill Assistance


Review Utility Bills Before Buying A New Home

Question : I asked to review the copies of utility bills before buying a new home and I was surprised at how much lower their bills were than what I was paying in my current home. Should I always ask for bills? Anything I should be thinkling about when I look at homeowners’ utility bills like this?

Answer : It is always a great idea ask for, and closely review, the current owners of homes utility bills if you’re really interested in buying. You want to see their utility bills from the past couple of years, how much they pay, and whether you will need any assistance in taking over those payments if you buy the home. The owners might tell you what their typical energy bills are, but it is much more important to review utility bills from recent years and see not just the dollar amounts they pay each month, but more importantly, exactly how many kilowatt-hours of energy that they’re using.

Now it is interesting information that you will discover, of course, and a review will provide some valuable data, but never assume that your utility bills would be comparable.