Utility Bill Assistance



New Jersey Natural Gas assistance from Gift of Warmth

Struggling low income customers of New Jersey Natural Gas may beneift from the Gift of Warmth program. It was created from donations and in partnership with many agencies, such as the United Way. Asisstance for utility or gas bills is offered to those facing a crisis or emergency and this is not a government subsidiy or charity program.

The main goal is to offer assistance with natural gas and heating bills for those people in a temporary financial distress. The main place to get information or to apply is a local CAA (community action agency) or the United Way. The Gift of Warmth fund may help hundreds of families per year, however funding and resources are very limited as it relies on donations from customers and also matching grants from New Jersey Natural Gas themselves.

It is open year round and has several eligibility rules. The New Jersey Gift of Warmth emergency fund may be able to assist low income-eligible households and the working poor. Assistance may also be offered for those customers experiencing temporary or unanticipated financial hardship, such as a short term reduction in hours at work.

Many families are struggling to consistently pay their utility or heating bills, especially during the winter. The program allows people to give back to their community and to make a difference. By making a contribution to the Gift of Warmth program (no matter how much) you can bring safety and comfort to the homes of the less fortunate. It is administered by the United Way and local CAA, as indicated above.

The money you contribute is tax deductible. In addition, every dollar you donate is provided to families in your local community and not to pay to run the program. Another benefit is that New Jersey Natural Gas will often make matching donations as well which will assist even more people.






Employees, shareholders and customers all contribute. Anyone can decide to make a one-time donation or a recurring monthly contribution to the Gift of Warmth. As indicated, it doesn’t matter how much you give and every dollar will make a difference. Your support and generosity to Gift of Warmth are deeply appreciated.

Through a one time or more regular contribution to the Gift of Warmth, you can help a family in need keep their heat on and stay warm this winter. Many of the families that receive assistance have a child or maybe a senior member of the home. So those who are most at risk receive support. The frail and sick are sometimes even faced with life threatening conditions from the lack of heat. The process to make a difference and donate is easy as well.

Over the years thousands of families have benefit and received assistance. Many other contributed their time and money to supporting the program. To get an application, you can call New Jersey Natural Gas at 800-221-0051.