Utility Bill Assistance


Project Help program from Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation and Cookeville Electric

The main way to get assistance from Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation or Cookeville Electric is Project Help. The program relies on donations and contributions from people in the community, and all money raised will assist qualified low income families. Funds can be issued for paying utility bills. Most of the aid is for the disabled, elderly, or others who are facing a crisis or financial hardship that they did not create. The Project Help program provides UCEMC customers a great way to give back to society and to the less fortunate, so please contribute if you can.

Project Help can assist with defraying a portion of energy costs or heating bills for elderly and disabled members. They are the focus, but some money may be available for those that are not economically self-sufficient.

As indicated, it relies on donations. Customers across the state and service territory can contribute money, and as much or little as they like. It can even be $1.00 or more per month. Donate by adding the money to your monthly utility bill or you can also make a one time donation to Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation and Project Help.

The program, and your hard earned, donated money, is closely controlled. For example, any money contributed will be sent to an independent non-profit agency to determine who should receive their special funds. Those who apply for Project Help and recipients may only receive funds from the program at most once a year. The decision on who gets paid and how much is left totally to the selection of the agency.

The donation process is simple. Contribute to your UCEMC utility bill or City of Cookeville by checking the box on your bill. All of the money you provide goes directly to helping the less fortunate people in the community with paying their utility bills. Also, it is important to note that no administrative expenses will be taking from donations. So 100% of what you contribute goes to the needy and qualified families. This Upper Cumberland Electric program presents an easy way for people to help those in need.






The program is funded through voluntary donations added to the monthly electric bills of contributing Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation or Cookeville Electric customers. It is also supplemented through general community donations.

Project Help was created by both Cookeville Electric and the Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation in partnership with the non-profit agency Helping Hands of Putnam County. As noted, the focus is on providing utility assistance to senior citizens, the disabled, and needy individuals and families. In order to apply, you need to be disabled. Assistance is also an option for seniors in the service territory that are over 60 years of age. Limited assistance may be available for families facing a crisis, if they have children or someone with a medical need in the home.

Call Cookeville Electric or the Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation to apply or for more details.