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Reduce utility bills by lowering heating and cooling costs

Almost half of the energy used in your apartment or home goes towards heating and cooling it. Something as simple as running your air conditioner at 77 degrees instead of 70 degrees will help save you up to 30% off your utilities bill. It is as easy as for every two degrees that you lower the thermostat, you will save about 4-5% on the heating and cooling portion of your utility bills, reducing any need you may have for utility bill assistance.

Here are a few other tips to help you lower your utility bills and reduce your need for utility bill assistance.

  • Seal up any leaks. It is true that house and apartments may have small leaks. Just by sealing and insulating your duct systems you can lower your utility bills costs by as much as 30 percent. Weather stripping cracks and caulking gaps around your home are arguably the most cost-effective steps you can take to conserve heat and cooling. You should focus on the basement, attic, windows, and doorways. Also be sure to check near vents, pipes, or electrical conduits that go through the ceiling, wall, or floor.
  • Make ventilation a high priority. Sealing those leaks does not mean eliminating ventilation. Adequate venting will help avoid indoor air-quality problems and also control moisture. Properly venting and insulating your attic can help save you up to 20 to 35 percent in heating costs.  You do want to be careful not to block attic vents with insulation. It is also a very good idea to have a cooling and heating technician check your oil fired or gas furnaces, water heaters and dryers, and boilers for proper venting. Some utility companies will do this for free to provide assistance.
  • Wrap insulation blankets around your hot water tank and pipes. This is really helpful, in particular for an older water heater and this can save up to 10 percent on the water heating costs of your utility bill. Do always be sure to leave the air intake vent uncovered when you are insulating a gas water heater.
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By: Jon McNamara


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