Utility Bill Assistance


River Falls Municipal Helping Hand utility assistance

Find how donations from River Falls Municipal Utilities Helping Hand can help income qualified families that are in a crisis pay a portion of their utility bills. The service is available as the result of generosity of both individuals and businesses from across the region who donate to it.

All of the funds are used to help the less fortunate in the community. Anyone seeking assistance from Helping Hand needs to know that this is a source of one time help only. It is also really targeted on customers in unusual financial circumstances, such as facing a shut off do to a medical issue.

Or River Falls Municipal Utilities can also offer support to those who may face a health risk without electricity. Examples of those customers may be the elderly or families with young children. So Helping Hand is targeted at special situations and not those living in long term poverty.

Any dollar amount is always appreciated as a donation. People from across the River Falls Municipal Utilities service territory can decide to contribute on a one time basis, or they can join a monthly round up service. There can be donations added to the monthly utility bills once someone is enrolled.

Some of the contributions to River Falls Municipal Helping Hand come from employees or management too. They will use a portion of their paycheck to contribute. This service allows everyone to give back to the local community.

Over the years, many families have had to turn to River Falls Municipal Utilities Helping Hand at one time or another. Most did so for the first time as they were struggling because of some issue that was outside of their control. If the company approves the application, then funds may be issued for a portion of the utility bill.






No one should ever fear asking for help. There are also times in which a family may struggle. Or people should ask for assistance with their utilities before they fall too far behind, as once a customer has a disconnection notice it is often too late to help them. So whether advice is given to them or money from Helping Hand, some form of support is arranged.

River Falls Municipal Helping Hand and its partners will closely review an application. The goal, as indicated, it to keep the electricity on and keep people safe. So this will be one of the key factors used to determine who does receive assistance and who is redirected to other resources.

The money also stays in the community too. This means that those who donate are in effect helping their neighbors. So no matter the dollar amount or who contributes to River Falls Municipal Helping Hand, it does in fact make a difference to the needy.

Call the Wisconsin based company at (920) 967-3400 for more information. The staff can provide information on how how to apply for assistance as well as the donation process. So there are different components to it.