Utility Bill Assistance



Assistance programs from Seattle City Light.

Seattle City Light customers have four main programs available to them. They include discounted rates, emergency assistance, the federal government energy bill assistance program, and last, but not least, Project SHARE. However always be sure to call Seattle City Lights at 206-684-0268.

Federal Government Energy Assistance Program, also known as LIHEAP - This program mostly focuses on summer cooling and winter heating bills. If you are a customer whose main source of heat during the wintertime is gas, electricity, or heating oil and if you are struggling and considered low income, and if you need assistance paying your utility bills, call Seattle City Light. It can provide cash grants, and in addition to that immediate financial assistance, this federal government LIHEAP program also offers qualified customers with weatherization, energy education, debt and budget counseling to ensure the customer has long term success.

Apply for Discounted Rates for Seniors, Disabled and Low-Income Customers
If after applying, and found to be qualified, low income and/or senior customers can save up to 50% on their monthly electric, water, garbage, sewer and overall utility bills. Those working poor and very low income customers that are currently living in federal government funded public housing and/or government section 8 housing are not eligible for a discount. To provide more details on this service, if you have disability or if you are a senior citizen living in Seattle Washington call the Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens to learn more or apply for assistance. Dial (206) 684-0268. On the other hand, low-income customers with household income at or below 70% of Washington state's median income may call the Seattle Human Services Department at (206) 684-0268 to apply for assistance.




Project SHARE
Customer donations fund the Project Share program, and money is offered for low income customers who are experiencing financial difficulties in paying their utility bills, and the customer must have also received an urgent notice to disconnect their service and have taken advantage of all other cash grants and financial assistance programs. Funding is limited, and initially the program will pay up to $250 towards your monthly electric bill. However note that if additional assistance is needed towards paying your bills, then the customer may qualify to receive up to $250 in addition to the initial payment of $250. Seattle City Light will refer qualified customers to this particular resource. More on Project Share assistance/donation program.

Seattle City Lights Emergency Low Income Assistance
If you have received a disconnection notice, Seattle City Light customers may receive cash assistance of up to 50% or $200 of their electric bill in order to help pay it and keep service on. It is a program of last resort, meaning that the customer must have already received assistance from the federal government Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP see above). The customer will need to enter into a plan that requires them to make payment arrangements on any remaining balance on their outstanding utility bill. This cash grant/financial assistance is limited to once every twelve months at most, so use it wisely.