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Southern California Edison Assistance Programs

Two options for Southern California Edison (SCE) customers include the Energy Assistance Fund and the Family Electric Rate Assistance program. Both of these resources will provide assistance on utility bills to low and moderate income customers.

Southern California Edison Energy Assistance Fund

This fund will provide grants of up to $100 per year to help customers who can't pay their electric bills. While $100 may not seem like much, the Energy Assistance Fund is just one more resource that people can turn to and that can provide aid. The grants are administered by various assistance agencies across California. This assistance program is funded by donations from customers, Edison International (which is SCE's publicly held parent company) and also SCE employees themselves.

Southern California Edison Family Electric Rate Assistance program

This program will allow a reduced rate on monthly electric bills for families of three or more who fall within the program’s income guidelines and if they exceed their baseline usage by 30 percent or more. The Energy Assistance Fund (EAF) Program offered by SCE was designed to provide short term help to those SCE residential customers who are in need of assistance with paying their electric bills. A maximum of $100 is available to qualified customers once in a 12-month period.

The United Way of Greater Los Angeles partners with almost 1500 charities as well as nonprofit, community-based organizations across Southern California to help distribute money to qualified SCE customers throughout the utility company’s service area.

Call 1-800-369-3652 to learn more or apply for help from these programs.





By: Jon McNamara


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