Utility Bill Assistance


Southern Company Project SHARE utility donations and assistance.

Operating across the Southern Company service territory, Project SHARE uses donations from the community in an effort to help low income families with paying their utility and energy bills. It is a form of one time aid and is meant to help resolve a crisis. This is not a long term government subsidy that families can rely upon for ongoing support.

However, the Project SHARE program is not limited to just paying utility bills. There is also assistance available for other expenses as well, and the program administrators can help make those decisions. However, Southern Company will mostly recommend it for a utility bill.

It relies on donations from the community, so please contribute if you can. Individuals can donate as much or as little as they would like, and all of the funds will make a difference. There will also be tax deductions and benefits to those who participate. Of particular focus is on assisting the elderly, disabled, or even children in the Southern Company service territory.

Even a dollar per month can make a difference in the life of a low income family. As your contribution will be combined with many others, and in addition, Southern Company subsidiaries will often match the donations too. So the company themselves will contribute too.

Anyone can help lead to the success of Project SHARE by adding $1, $2, $3 or $5 to your monthly utility bill payment. Or add some other amount, no matter how small. It can be done on a one time basis, or as a recurring contribution. So the program is flexible.

Sign up for Project SHARE at any time. There will be special promotion periods, or just call Southern. Or inquire into signing up when you receive your monthly electric bill from the company. Also, when you donate, please recall that the money stay in the county where you live. So you may truly be helping a neighbor. Your generous contribution, which can be tax deductible, will not be shipped to some nearby county or city.





For people that need assistance with their Southern Company utility bills, then help may be offered. Funds can be used to assist people that are facing a crisis, with focus on the groups mentioned above. It can be effective short term support in an emergency. Many families have been able to keep their power on as a result of the Project Share program.

To apply or learn more, call a local non-profit Salvation Army center. As they work closely with Southern Company in both accepting and processing applications. They are after all the leading non-profit organization that provides financial support to the needy and low income.