Utility Bill Assistance


St Croix Electric Commitment to Community utility bill assistance

After a customer has applied to LIHEAP as well as charities, another option is St Croix Electric Commitment to Community utility bill assistance which is offered in partnership with local charities. This is an utility bill assistance program that is only offered as a last resort, after those previously stated programs have been used up. When qualified, there may be a few dollars available as a form of emergency energy bill assistance.

Note that in almost all cases the customer will be given a credit on their account. The amount can take care of a partial amount that may be due on the utility bill. If there is a balance due (which is often the case), the customer will need to come up that that money on their own.

One time and recurring donations

There are 2 ways to give back. In either case, 100% of the money goes to help qualified low income customers pay their utility bill and the donor also gets a tax break.

One is it enroll into the monthly donation program. What happens is the donors monthly utility bill is “Rounded Up” to the next highest dollar amount each and every month. That extra amount (even it is just cents) is then added to the  Croix Electric Commitment to Community program, and it is paid out to less fortunate customers who qualify. While it may only be cents or dimes that are added to the program it still adds up over time and can make a difference.

One-time contributions can also be made to a local charity. The amount, no matter how small or large, will be used to pay utility bills. If someone mails in a check for a $1, or $100, no matter the amount 100% of the funds go to pay the energy bills of less fortunate customers.




Get assistance from St. Croix Electric Commitment to Community

As noted, one hundred percent of all the money collected goes to pay utility bills, but the program is limited in scope and funds. It can cover heating, electric, light, gas, or other utility costs. The money from the program is a last resort only, and the customer who needs help needs to have applied for all other resources first, whether it is LIHEAP, weatherization, cash grants from charities, or something else.

When applying for some of the money collected from the St. Croix Electric Commitment to Community, the applicant should bring proof of income; residency; identification for all household members; and other supporting documentation. They should also bring proof of all the other programs they have applied for as well, whether that is LIHEAP, SSI disability, TANF cash aid, or anything else that can be used for paying energy bills.

No matter the dollar amount given, it will be limited. St. Croix Electric Commitment to Community Fund pays for a portion of the past due utility bill. The customer will need to come up with the balance of the amount so they can be sure to keep their power or lights on.

For more information on the St. Croix Electric Commitment to Community Fund program, whether donating to it or applying for financial help, call the company about the Commitment to Community Fund or dial 211.. Or try a regional social service agency or government office.