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Tampa Electric Share program.

You can donate to the Tampa Electric Share program. This is run by the utility company and the Salvation Army. The program has been operating since the early 1980s and it provides individuals a way to give back to the less fortunate and those who are struggling in the region. Many employees of the company as well as local businesses and non-profits in the region also contribute to it.

The program runs on donations from people and businesses in the community. All contributions are tax-deductible which means that those who contribute may receive some type of credit or deduction on their income taxes. You can make a one time donation or contribute on a monthly basis to the Share program. If you donate on a monthly basis it will be reflected on the statement that you receive from Tampa Electric. One time payments will be processed by the Salvation Army or Tampa Electric as appropriate.

The funds do not go towards administrative costs. No portion of your generous contribution is used in fundraising either. Each and every dollar that you donate to the program goes directly to helping someone who is less fortunate and who may even be a neighbor in need. The donations are matched dollar-for-dollar by Tampa Electric, and every dollar that is matched will also go directly to helping area residents in need.

Not only will your contribution go to the Share program and to someone who needs help, but in addition Tampa Electric Gas will increase the impact of your donation by matching dollar-for-dollar. There is an annual cap in place which is usually up to $500,000. Share, is an assistance program that was co-sponsored by the various utility companies in Florida and the Salvation Army. It allows customers of all income levels the ability to help pay the electric or natural gas bills of those in need. Hundreds of people will usually contribute to it on an annual basis.

The local Salvation Army administers the program for the energy company. They accept and process applications. Many people who receive the funds are seniors or maybe a low income family with a child. The center may also help collect and assemble donations. To apply for the Share program dial (813) 226-0055 or stop by your local Salvation Army center in Florida.




By: Jon McNamara


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