Utility Bill Assistance


Energy bill aid in Tennessee

Tens of thousands of Tennessee residents need help with paying energy and utility bills, and the Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency is doing what it can to meet the demand. The group has assisted nearly twice the number of households than last year due to the weak economy. The agency helps pay utility and cooling bills for thousands of families who need help and live in need in Rutherford, Robertson, Sumner, Wilson, Cheatham, and Williamson counties.

While the cooler temperature have probably decreased the number of people who need help, there is still a tremendous need according to the executive director of the Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency. They are continuing to see a steady increase in the number of requests for aid.

So far this year about 7,400 households got assistance through the community action agency over the 12 months ending June 30, she said. About 4,100 were helped last year. So the pace is on track to be a two hundred percent increase year over year.

Just last year Mid-Cumberland passed out to families all of its $1.7 million in federal government funding and could have used more money last year. This year, mainly as a result of the stimulus program, it got a boost in January of additional federal government  funds for a total of $4 million, and it will all be used to aid local residents.