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Texas CEAP and weatherization energy assistance

The state of Texas offers low income customers two main utility assistance programs. They include the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) as well as weatherization. Both of the programs are paid for by federal government funds, but they provide utility bill assistance and savings to tens of thousands of Texas families per year. CEAP is funded by the federal government as part of the LIHEAP utility assistance program.

A number of non-profit agencies across Texas accept applications and administer the program at the local town and county level in Texas. The non-profits will determine how to provide funds to the most disadvantaged, but in general families with children, seniors, and the disabled receive priority for any financial assistance that is provided by the government.

Weatherization and CEAP are both committed to offering utility bill assistance, energy conservation measures, and energy-related education to the low income. The state organization known as Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs (TDHCA) does set many of the program guidelines, but the local agencies do have some flexibility. All application intake, client services, income verification, and all administrative tasks are handled at the local level. The primary goal is to both help people save money on their energy bills, and provide funds to limit or stop the number of disconnections of service.

Some of the non-profit agencies that run the programs include Community Action Agencies, various units of local government, Non profits, and Local Councils of Government (COGs). Each of these various sub recipients is to conduct home visits when necessary, perform local outreach, educate the community about the programs, provide cash grants and financial assistance from CEAP and/or WAP services, and document the services provided. Basically the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program is the state of Texas’s version of LIHEAP.

  • CEAP provides low income residents with heating and cooling bill home energy assistance, so cash can be provided to them to pay their bills in an emergency. A crisis component of LIHEAP/CEAP can also provide cash when people are faced with imminent disconnection.
  • The Texas Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) helps low income customers save money on their utility bills. Free energy saving enhancements are made to homes, such as insulation, caulking, window repairs, and similar.


Apply for CEAP and weatherization in Texas

In order to apply for help, you need to contact your local community action agency. The state TDHCA does not itself accept applications. If you are familiar with where to or how to apply for assistance, then you can dial (877) 399-8939 during regular business hours. The toll free number will connect callers with the CEAP and weatherization service provider in your county in Texas.





By: Jon McNamara


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