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Utility assistance from TXU Energy

Over the years, TXU has provided over $50 million to assist customers with paying their utility bills and in many cases, the funs will stop a disconnection of their utility service. Hundreds of thousands of families have benefited from these funds. The assistance program is known as TXU Energy Aid.

The primary reason that the TXU Energy Aid program was developed was in order to provide temporary utility and energy bill payment assistance to the many thousands of families across Texas who face a critical situation each and every year. The program is funded from many sources, including customer donations, private funds, and money from the utility company.

Using these various sources of contributions that are both made by TXU Energy and its generous customers across its service territory, selected social service agencies, such as the Salvation Army and local community action agencies across Texas manage the program and administer the funds to individuals and families right in your local community. Incredible as it may sound, for over 26 consecutive years, TXU Energy Aid has provided almost $55 million in utility bill payment assistance, and the funds have helped over 340,000 families in need across Texas.

The commitment being made to help low income, elderly, and others in need is incredible. The TXU Energy Aid assistance program, which is their flagship energy / utility assistance program, has helped change the lives of thousands of people by giving them the time they need to get back on their feet.

As indicated above, the program is partly funded by customer contributions. Therefore TXU Energy customers who either want to request more information on how to get assistance, or those who want to help others in their community can contact the TXU Energy Aid contribution line at 1-877-281-6359. If someone does decide to donate money, customers of the program can make a one-time contribution or a recurring pledge to the TXU Energy Aid program by completing the information on the back of their monthly TXU Energy bill. And if you just need a little extra help to pay a bill, this resource is the option for you.




By: Jon McNamara


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