Utility Bill Assistance



Operation Share program from UGI assists with utility bills.

Cash grants for paying UGI utility and heating bills may be provided by Operation Share. Any financial support provided relies on donations from the community as the Operation Share fuel fund is a non-profit organization. All assistance and cash funds paid out are provided by donations from people from the community, UGI corporate, employee contributions, and customers.

The resource is offered as a community-based assistance program. The number of people it can help per year varies. But in previous years a few thousands households have been able to qualify and hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid out to those individuals. One of the main services provided is the matching grant that is offered directly by UGI to any funds that are donated.

Dozens of agencies across the region partner with UGI to process applications for Operation Share and to provide funds to the poor and less fortunate. The program was created as a supplement to federal or state of Pennsylvania low income energy bill assistance programs. It is not indeed to replace those and it is not a government subsidy or charity program.

Of course donating to any non-profit or charity is a personal choice that each and every one of us needs to make on our own. UGI and those that are struggling feel so fortunate when individuals choose to help the less fortunate by contributing to Operation Share. You can give as little or as much as you would like to towards the program. It provides people the ability to give back to people in the state of Pennsylvania. All contributions made to Operation Share are tax-deductible.  The money goes to a good cause to and, as indicated, this is not a government subsidy.






The fund is really an emergency or crisis program. The UGI Operation Share Energy Fund is available to assist struggling customers who have trouble paying their winter utility or heating bills for reasons such as unemployment, low or fixed income, or illness of the household's main income provider or sudden death or serious injury. You can only apply one per year and the applicants gross income must also be at or below the 200% of Federal Government Poverty Levels that factor in your household size too.

For more information, to apply, or to get details on how you can donate to the Operation Share Energy Fund, dial 1-800-844-9276.





By: Jon McNamara


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