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UGI Penn Utilities Operation Share assistance.

Customers of UGI Penn Utilities can donate money to Operation Share. Any amount is always appreciated, and the money raised is used as a form of assistance for paying utility bills. The funds are focused on helping people facing a one time hardship, with a focus on vulnerable households that receive their power from UGI Utilities.

Donations can be made to the program either on a one-off basis or through recurring monthly contributions. It is flexible in that customers can also can contribute by adding a dollar when they pay their utility bill by check or they can do this online. Or those customers who wish to contribute in some other fashion, such as using a round up type arrangement, should contact UGI Penn Utilities directly.

Not only will the money that is contributed to Operation Share go to help the less fortunate, many of whom may live right in the donor's town or city, but matching grants are often made by UGI Penn Utilities. So if someone decides to contribute their donation will be even more effective as the provider will match some or all of it to in effect increase the amount of money available.

In most cases, the donations will also be tax deducible. There will also be an annual statement mailed out which shows the total dollar amount given. However this should always be reviewed with a tax professional if the donor ever has any questions on this.

For those households that need assistance for their energy bills, they can call the company at the number below. The maximum UGI Penn Utilities Operation Share grant that an individual or family can receive per year is based on the amount of donations, whether the customer paid their past bills on time, and the household income. So a number of factors will be reviewed as part of the application process.

UGI Penn Utilities, as well as agencies that help administer it, will ensure that the funds are used wisely. All applications will be reviewed and verified. Any fraud will be dealt with as well. Most of the recipients are working poor families facing a one time hardship or that have some circumstance that is creating a hardship. Operation Share is not for families that have been in long term poverty or that are not making the effort to regain financial stability.






The funds that are collected from donations will tend to assist families with young children or elderly people who are living on a fixed income. Many applicants are faced with a disconnection on their account.

Only a portion of any utility bill will be paid. There is also a priority to issue funds during the winter months to keep heat on. There are also no guarantees to receiving aid as part of Operation Share. So anyone applying should always keep these limits in mind when seeking help. For more information on this donation program from UGI Penn Utilities, dial (800) 276-2722.




By: Jon McNamara


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