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Utah Utility Bill Assistance and Help With Electric or Heating Bills

There are several programs available as noted below. While most of the financial aid in Utah focuses on winter heating bills, some programs do operate year round. Therefore utility bill help may be offered from some companies during the summer or other months too.

Utah Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT)

The HEAT program is Utah's program that is the equivalent the federal LIHEAP program (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program). This assistance program is funded 100% by the Federal Government and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is administered by the Utah State Department of Community and Culture (DCC). This utility and heating bill assistance program is designed to help qualified households with meeting the rising costs of home heating by either natural gas or electricity. There is also a Weatherization Assistance program available, which is State of Utah that can assist eligible parties to make their homes more energy efficient and save on heating bills. Read more.

Weatherization Assistance Program

This help program is also run by the Utah State Department of Community and Culture. It is managed through several nonprofit and government agencies across the state. It enables qualified low-income families and individuals to make their homes more energy efficient and also lower utility costs. The elderly, individuals,  families, and the handicapped are eligible for the Weatherization Assistance Program. More on weatherization assistance in Utah.






Home Energy Lifeline Program (HELP)

This utility and electric bill assistance program is also managed by the Utah State Department of Community and Culture, and it is designed to help qualified households with meeting the rising costs of home electric energy.

Utah Telephone Assistance (Lifeline/Link-up) Program (UTAP)

This program provides lower income households with help and discounts for initial landline telephone installation as well as their monthly phone bills.

UMP - Is a plan that ensures eligible households that their heat will not be shutoff during the winter.

Catholic Community Services - Provides emergency aid to help Utah families pay heating and utility bills. It uses donations and will focus on Questar Gas customers. Learn more.

Dominion Energy in Utah provides assistance, with a focus on gas, heat, and propane service. The utility bill assistance program is paid for using donations from the community, with the funds going to the poor, people in a crisis, and households in poverty. Read more.

Provo City Power - Offers the HELP assistance program. This is a donation program that provides grants to Community Action Services that helps people pay utility bills. Also, Provo runs an assistance program for military families that reduces their energy as well as heating bills by 50%. Read more.

Questar Gas - The REACH program offered by Questar, which stands for Residential Energy Assistance through Community Help, distributes grants thru the American Red Cross that are used for utility bill assistance. Learn more on other options.




Rocky Mountain Power (PacifiCorp) - Offers Utah customers a total of 3 plans. The Lend a Hand, Home Electric Lifeline Program (HELP), and Low-Income Energy Efficiency. Lend a Hand is a group that was created to help families and seniors pay their winter heating bills. HELP is an assistance program that provides a $8 per month credit on utility bills. Last, but not least, Low Income Energy Efficiency provides qualified Utah families with energy bill education, electrical usage evaluation, appliance testing, home heating and energy audits, as well as the installation of energy conserving improvements. Read more.


By: Jon McNamara


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