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Philadelphia Gas Works assistance

Utility, gas, and heating bill assistance programs exist for Philadelphia Gas Works customers. A sampling of the programs available are listed below.

CARES - Customer Assistance Referral Evaluation Program  - The Philadelphia Gas Works CARES program helps customers who are faced with special circumstances find ways to pay their monthly utility and/or gas bills.

LIHEAP - Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program - May low income and elderly apply for LIHEAP, which is a federal government assistance grant that is offered to assist low income customers with their paying their annual heating and summer cooling bills.

CRISIS Grant -  A component of LIHEAP, CRISIS is a federal government grant program that was created  to help pay for heating and utility bills in a heating emergency, when service is shut off or threatened to be shut off. The goal is to prevent disconnections.

UESF - Utility Emergency Services Fund - This assistance program of UESF provides cash grants up to $1,500 to eligible low income customers to help them pay off the balance of an utility bill.

Senior Citizen Discount - Philadelphia Gas Works customers who are age 65 or older before September 1, 2003, may qualify for a senior citizen discount on their monthly energy expenses.

CRP - Customer Responsibility Program - The CRP utility bill assistance program helps low income customers better afford their PGW bills and maintain natural gas service during a hardship.

CWP - Conservation Works Program - Lower the amount of your utility bill. CWP was created to reduce energy usage in low-income households in Philadelphia and other areas and to help make energy bills more affordable from the reduced usage.

Call 215-235-1000 to learn more or apply for these or other Philadelphia Gas Works utility assistance programs.




By: Jon McNamara


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