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Rochester Gas and Electric Assistance

Learn about the various utility assistance programs offered by Rochester Gas and Electric. The amount of aid they provide customers is extensive.

Red Cross/RG&E Heating Fund

The American Red Cross Greater Rochester Chapter partner with the utility company to offer this program. The service is formally known as The Red Cross/RG&E Heating Fund. People who are not eligible for New York State and federal government programs can get assistance from this option. It is an emergency energy assistance program which targets people other than the lowest income. The aid is available year round. Many different parties donate to the Fund. Such donations may come from shareholders and the community, local RG&E customers, businesses, charities and others provide grants to eligible applicants. Read more.

Matching Incentive Payment Program

This is a new component of the The Red Cross/ RG&E Heating Fund. So now the program not only provides money and cash grants to income eligible customers, the matching payment program also matches customer payments towards arrears on their utility bills.

To learn more about either one of the Red Cross and Rochester Gas and Electric programs, contact your local Red Cross Chapter.

Residential Energy Consumer Assistance Program (RECAP)

RG&E created the Residential Energy Consumer Assistance Program (RECAP) to help assist income eligible customers with paying for their utility bills. The utility bill assistance program serves RG&E’s income eligible customers, and this particular option also offers individuals with an educational component as well as an affordable payment plan. The education component advises people on how to lower their energy bill expenses.

Payment Arrangements

Anyone who is behind on their bills, or thinks they may fall behind, needs to call the Rochester Gas and Electric office. The company is committed to discussing options with customers, and working with people to arrange a payment agreement for their utility bills. Customer service representatives will always consider your individual needs and income limitations when working out a down payment and a payment schedule. They will do their best to find some type of arrangement that meets your needs. The length of the agreement that is entered into and amount of each monthly payment on your utility bill will be decided between RG&E. In some cases a down payment may not be necessary on your arrerage. The bottom line is that the power company does want to individuals and families stay current with their utility bills while you pay toward your past due amount. And at the end of the day, if for some reason you are unable to make a payment agreement with RG&E because your financial condition is very poor and you do not have the ability to pay anything on your energy bills, they will refer you to an agency or charity that may be able to assist you

Dial 1.877.266.3492 to ask for and arrange assistance.




By: Jon McNamara


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