Utility Bill Assistance


Assistance and help with electric and utility bills in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Natural Gas Assistance Programs - LIHEAP customers will receive a lower, more manageable gas bill which averages just over $5.00 a month during the winter months of October through April and the bill will only be about $4.50 per month during the summer months of May through September. In addition, the Share the Warmth program assists Oklahoma families with members who are disabled or if over the age of 62. It assists with utility and heating bills. More.

Oklahoma Gas & Electric - LIHEAP eligible customers will pay their regular residential rate for the first 600 kWhs of electricity used and then they will receive a credit of about $0.70 per kWh from November through April. In addition, the Lend-A-Hand assistance program distributes money and grants to assist families with paying for gas, fuel, electricity, heating, firewood, and electric bills. Read More.

America Electric Power - The Light A Life assistance program helps customers and families in Oklahoma with paying utility bills. Read more.

Operation Round Up in Oklahoma - Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative, Indian Electric Cooperative, Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, Oklahoma Electric Cooperative all are members of Operation Round Up. This assistance program provides aid for a variety of reasons, including help with medical, utility, and heating bills. Also get help with rent or a mortgage.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) - The LIGHT A LIFE Energy Fund  provides grants and funds to help pay bills. It is run in partnership with local charities. Click here.

LIHEAP - This government grant program will provide cash to pay utility bills. Assistance is provided for monthly expenses, and a separate program, which is the crisis component, will assist with bills when someone is faced with a disconnection. Low income families with children, seniors, and the disabled in Oklahoma are usually given priority funding. Learn more.




Oklahoma also offers weatherization and/or summer cooling help, as well as other energy-related appliance and home repair assistance to eligible households throughout the year during specific application periods.

Oklahoma Center Point Energy - Programs such as Lend a Hand can assist customers with utility bills. The program relies on donations to keep it funding and much of the assistance goes to the less fortunate and families at risk without electricity. More information.

Stillwater and Payne county programs - Family Support Services and the Salvation Army created a donation program in the 1980s in partnership with the government, and the funds raised can pay energy as well as electric bill for city residents only. Assistance is very limited. Read more.