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Money Saving Tips and News on Bills

Progress Energy in Florida wants to lower customers' utility bills by $15.08 per month. Continue.

Review utility bills before buying a new home. More.

A grassroots organization, the Campaign for Fair Electric Rates, has started to help consumers fight increasing utility bills. More.

Heating bills this winter are expected to soar to record level, putting a renewed crimp on household spending and budgets. More.

The current economic squeeze has more people seeking help to pay utility bills
These past two years have been financially difficult for Margaret-Ann Fenton and her family. The Brigantine resident said problems started in 2006, when her husband had to find a new job after the Lenox Inc. china factory in Galloway closed. The family managed to get by but fell behind on electricity payments once in the summer.

Fenton said the family ran into trouble again this winter when she became unemployed for six months and they owed $400 for gas and $300 for electricity. Higher food and gasoline prices put an extra strain on them. Fenton and her husband, who both found work in Mays Landing, said gasoline cost $97 to fill their old Jeeps and they have to use a church food pantry. More.

Numerous other money saving tips. Not just ways to save on electric bill.
You can save substantially by increasing the deductibles on the comprehensive and collision portions of your policy. According to the Insurance Information Institute, raising collision deductibles from $200 to $500 could reduce your collision and comprehensive coverage by 15-30 percent. Squeeze out additional savings by asking about every possible discount, such as for carpooling, air bags, annual mileage below 10,000 miles -- even for teenage drivers with grade averages above a B. More.

U.S. electric companies offer 'smart' power meters
But the key to maximum savings - as much as 6 percent a month last summer on utility bills- was his grasp of the state of the electrical grid and his family's willingness to adjust their power usage accordingly.


By: Jon McNamara


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