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Vectren Indiana Share the Warmth utility assistance

Assistance from Share the Warmth for paying utility bills can help Vectren customers in Indiana that are in a crisis. The program is funded by contributions from the community and donations from businesses and individuals. All of the energy bill assistance as long as weatherization services are available for special situations only, such as a senior citizen that is about to lose their heat or a home with a young child.

Vectren Share the Warmth was created a number of years ago due to the need to help low income customers in the area. There are times when everyone will struggle, or there are periods when people want to give back and donate to the less fortunate. Whether someone needs additional help, or if they are looking to contribute and give a helping hand to the needy, then Share the Warmth may be able to help them.

Vectren customers can give back to the the Indiana area. When a donation is made, whether from an individual or company, 100% of this money will be paid out to an applicant. No funds will be kept for administrative or advertising expenses, which will make the program even more likely to help the less fortunate.

Other benefits to contributing to Share the Warmth include some or all of the following. There will normally be a tax deduction that the donor can claim on their federal or state income taxes. This will reduce the net effect of how much it cost them.

The money will stay locally too. In fact, some people refer to this as a neighbor to neighbor program. This will mean that those who are assisted with their utility bills may be your friend, family, or someone even that lives on your street. So Vectren Share the Warmth is very impactful.

The staff at Vectren often do their part as well. Not only may employees donate, but other groups may hold fund raisers or match amounts given. This will help ensure even more struggling families get the help they need.




Of course, the main goal of Vectren Share the Warmth is to offer energy bill assistance. When seeking help, know that proof of residency, copies of utility bills, proof of total household members, and other information is needed. A focus is also on those people with a special hardship that are close to a disconnection of their service.

When found qualified for weatherization or other support, the program will only offer one time help in Indiana. If a customer needs other information on what they can do over the following years or months, then the customer service team may have referrals. As there are other heating bill type programs, some as LIHEAP, that can complement it.

The money from Share the Warmth will applied directly to the past due utility bill. The cash is not given to the customer. This helps ensure that all of the financial aid is applied properly. The phone number to call to apply for help is your local community action agency in Indiana.

By: Jon McNamara



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