Utility Bill Assistance


Help and Assistance in Washington with heating and utility bills

Help in Seattle
As utility prices rapidly increase, it is not easy for many people to make ends meet. Regardless of the utility customer’s age or circumstances, the Seattle Mayor’s Office for Senior Citizens may be able to help.

A variety of heating and utility bill assistance programs can help residents get current and stay current on their utility payments. Different income guidelines apply, and you may also be eligible for more than one help program.

Energy and utility assistance is readily available for residential Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle City Light customers, and it does not apply to residences used for business purposes.

For more information about the Energy and Utility Assistance Programs, call 206-684-0268

Tacoma Public Utilities
They are fully aware that some of our customers face hardships or live on limited incomes, and that they may have difficulty paying their utility bills and require help. They offer a number of services to help those who may be in this situation.




25 percent discount from Tacoma Power, Sewer Utility, Tacoma Water, and Surface Water Management, Solid Waste Utility, and Wastewater Management.

An assistance program that provides a discount on Click! Network cable television services. Call 253-502-8900

Assistance for Heating Bills in Tacoma
This is for utility customers who need help paying their winter heating bills. If you qualify for help, you will receive assistance with paying bills from Tacoma Power's Family Need program.




Government assistance from LIHEAP
Another program for low income Washington families is the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This is the primary federal government funded program that provides cash and financial assistance to the state. Call your local community action agency for details, or click here for details.

Avista Utilities
Low income customers and families in Washington who are struggling have a few options available to them. Some programs provide direct financial assistance for paying utilities, and others offer energy conservation. One primary program is Lend a Hand. Read more details.

Helping Hands - This is a regional program from the Washington PUDS. Each local community raises money, and the funds are used for paying utility, electric, and energy bills. Call a local PUD.

NUD (Northshore Utility District) runs a donation, emergency utility bill assistance program. It is known as Share a Drop. It collects funds from the community, and the money goes to help low income customers of this Washington based PUB. Energy, heating, and gas bills can be paid. Read more.

OPALCO is another Washington based energy provider. A project allows donations to be used for paying utility as well as electric bills, and the assistance program is for emergencies only. Read more.

Peninsula Light Company and Project Help operates from November to April. Hundreds of low income customers of this Washington utility company receive assistance each year for paying their electric and/or heating bills. Thousands of people donate to it as well. Read more.






Seattle City Light
A few different financial assistance programs and grants are offered to its customer base. They include a reduced rate for Low Income Customers, Seniors and Disabled customers, as well as an Emergency Financial Assistance Program. They also support and participate in federal government programs. Read more on Seattle City Light assistance programs.

Spokane Utilities
Using donations from the community, the U-Help program provides assistance to qualified low income customers. The individual needs to be facing a one-time crisis in order to apply. The assistance from the program is limited, but hundreds of families may get help paying utility bills. More information.

Washington is also receiving federal funds to provide weatherization services. Find out more on Washington weatherization.