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Why Install and Benefits of Ceiling Fans in Your Home.

Around three out of four American homes contain at least one ceiling fan. Although it takes some effort to install these eye-catching fixtures, they provide several major benefits, including a reduction in summer and/or winter utility bills. Numerous homeowners purchase them for the following reasons:

1. This type of fan conserves space and frees up electrical outlets. You won't need to put as many portable fans on pieces of furniture or the floor. This also reduces tripping hazards by eliminating unsightly wires.

2. Ceiling fans represent an effective cooling method regardless of whether or not you own an air conditioner. Depending on the current temperature, you can turn up your thermostat or completely shut off air conditioning while you use these fans. Fans use much less electricity than an AC unit.

If you are using a fan for cooling and reduce AC bills, a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, use Energy Star certified fans. If you have a bigger room, then select at least a 52 inch fan, as they are great for big rooms in the home. 36 inch fans are for 225 square foot rooms or smaller.

3. This cooling as well as heating equipment draws relatively small amounts of electricity. If you normally use an air conditioner to cool your house, you might reduce power consumption by about 35 percent after you install ceiling fans.

4. A ceiling fan helps reduce winter heating bills too. These machines don't only come in handy during the hottest months. Most units have switches that let people run them in reverse. This prevents rising heat from quickly escaping homes in the winter. It may cut heating costs by up to one-tenth.





5. New ceiling fans can significantly improve the appearance of almost any room. Manufacturers offer these fixtures in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can probably find a unit that suits your existing interior decor.

6. A building's or home’s resale value typically rises when its owner installs new fans. Many homebuyers desire this equipment because it helps people save money and requires little upkeep. Unlike some improvements, it usually won't cause property taxes to soar.

The bottom line: Each ceiling fan represents a wise investment with the ability to pay for itself in three different ways. They cut back utility bills, add resale value, and provide other benefits. Find other tips on how to select a ceiling fan. These fixtures also make indoor spaces seem more attractive, comfortable and spacious.

By: Jon McNamara


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