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LHEAP funding in Wisconsin

Tens of thousands of Wisconsin families can expect to receive help with paying their heating bills. It was recently announced that the state of Wisconsin will receive more than $130 million in emergency Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) funding from the federal government.

The increased government funding is but a portion of the federal governments LIHEAP assistance program that will help hundreds of thousands of low and moderate income households afford to pay heating and energy bills this winter. LIHEAP is a federal government funding program that helps low to moderate income families, senior citizens, and disabled individuals who are living on fixed incomes. The increased funding will help those in need cope with their high winter energy bills by providing them with emergency grants during waves of extremely cold or hot weather, and there is also a component that will pay for improving energy efficiency in their homes.

Some of the details include - It's a one-time yearly benefit payment that is offered. Benefits are normally paid out between October 1 and May 15 of each year, and you do not have to pay the money back.

Wisconsin Senator Feingold has been a longtime champion for fully funding the LIHEAP program. In 2009, Feingold patterned with a bipartisan group of senators from across the nation who called for full funding of the LIHEAP program. Since 2005, Feingold has supported numerous efforts that have led to nearly $614 million in LIHEAP funding for the state of Wisconsin.

According to the state of Wisconsin WPS website, there are income limits and an application progress that needs to be followed. You may qualify for heating bill assistance if your total household gross income for the last three months, prior to applying, is less than the amount needed to receive aid.

Dial 800-450-7260 to apply or learn more.