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Akron Cares utility bill assistance

Using donations from a “Round Up System”, a utility bill assistance program known as Akron Cares help to pay a wide variety of utility costs. Public funds, from companies, charities, city of Akron employees as well as private donors, are collected each month as part of a monthly round up of utility bills. That round up is of course voluntarily made. Then, all of that money is then collected to pay various energy bills of families or individuals who live in Akron Ohio.

What utility bills can be paid?

Almost all types can be paid. But the service in question needs to be provided by the City of Akron. In other words, it is municipal type utility bills. In addition, the funds are for city residents only who meet income as well as other criteria. If qualified, then get assistance with:

  • Electric, heating, light, gas, and propane bills.
  • Water as well as sewer.
  • Curb and garbage service in Akron.

In addition, the Akron Cares utility bill assistance can be combined with other sources of emergency or long term financial help. As many low income families also get housing subsidies. Or they get cash grants to pay utility bills from LIHEAP. Of course, there are weatherization as well as free conservation measures for City of Akron families. Last, but not least, there are payment plans as well as discount on water bills for HEAP customers.

Akron Cares funding sources

This is mainly a “Round Up” type program. That being said, the City of Akron will use other sources of funding if someone wants to donate – the point being no funds will be turned around. As the only way that people get financial help is due to the generosity of other individuals.





Residents of the city can call 330-375-2554 to have their monthly utility bill rounded up to the nearest dollar amount. That incremental amount is given to the less fortunate. Or one time checks are also appreciated as well as a fixed dollar amount can be added to a utility bill to help fund the Akron Care utility bill assistance program. All of this and more can be done by calling customer support or even using the City of Akron online tools for managing utility accounts.

Applying for assistance or to donate to Akron Cares utility bill assistance

Akron Care is not often each and every year. It completely depends on funding from the city as well as the donations. As it is not cheap to run – in fact if it were not for the generosity of employees, residents, businesses, and charities, no one would get energy bill help from Akron Cares. It fact, due to the money being so limited only a small number of city families or individuals will usually get help with paying their utility bills; many people needs to be turned away.

There are a couple ways to apply. One is to call 330-375-2554. The other way is to use the cities website/manage utility bill account to get more information. They can also apply for utility bills discounts online too, such as HEAP for water bills or weatherization for heating bills.


By: Jon McNamara


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