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Easy Ways To Save Hundreds Of Dollars Per Month On Your Bills

These simple money saving tips are from numerous leading publications. The more money you save, the less need for utility bill assistance that you will have. Save on everyday living expenses - not just utilities. Also find other ways to lower your utility bills.

Shop for cheaper automobile insurance - Average savings $65

Surveys show that many consumers have been with the same automobile insurer for about 15 years. Depending on where you live and your driving profile, you might be able to quickly and easily save hundreds of dollars a month on your insurance bill by shopping around. It just takes a little time to get a new quote, and use the savings to pay your utility bills.

For example, according to the California Department of Insurance, a married couple in Los Angeles without accidents or driving violations, but with a driving-age son, can save about $380 on standard coverage just by switching to a lower-cost auto insurer. It takes 15 minutes to get a quote.

Shop smarter for food - Average monthly savings can be $200 per month

According to the Department of Agriculture, making smarter choices while eating out, and also in the supermarket, and you can save anywhere from $130 to $255 per month on your food bills. Per the DOA, the average family of four can lower its grocery bill by $190 a month just by shifting to a lower-cost mix of foods. Also, in 2006 American families spent about 45 percent of their monthly food budget eating out. If you cut restaurant spending in half, you can quickly save up to another $35 to $60 per month on your bills.





Save on your phone bills - Average savings: $35 per month

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average family spends over $90 a month for a cell phone, home phone, pagers, and phone cards. When actual phone bills were reviewed, they uncovered possible savings from $15 per month for infrequent callers up to savings of $60 per month for heavy phone users. Peruse your last few months' phone bills to determine how many minutes you actually use on your cell phone and land lines. Then, comparison shop among all the cellular service providers, your cable TV company, the local phone company, and any independent long-distance carriers. Never buy more minutes or usage than you need, such as an unlimited cellular plan, if you rarely use over 800 minutes per month.


By: Jon McNamara


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