Utility Bill Assistance


Find how to save on and lower your utility bills.

There are numerous, free or low cost steps you can take yourself to save on and lower your utility bills. It is fairly simple to save up to 40% on your utility bills. Any money you can save on your utility bills will reduce your need for utility bill assistance.

Find out how a low cost, simple to install programmable thermostat can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 20%.

Make your next appliance an energy efficient appliance, and save up to $400 per year on your energy bills. Many states also provide rebates that people can use to save money on their new appliances.

CFL bulbs use 1/3 of the energy as a standard light bulb, and CFL bulbs will save you up to $30 per bulb installed over the light bulbs lifetime.

Last, but not least, almost one half of the energy used in your home or apartment goes towards heating or cooling it, and you can take a few simple steps to save up to 30% on your overall home heating and cooling costs.

Maintain your air conditioner. Any home or apartment that uses an AC unit can waste a lot of money if their unit is not working properly or is inefficient. It can be costly to cool a home during a hot or humid summer period of time. Learn about the main causes of air conditioning problems and find how to get assistance in fixing them.






During the winter months, many homeowners and even tenants need help in saving money on their heating costs. It is very pricey to heat a home during the winter months. Some of the things to do are really just make your home more efficient; it can make a difference. Find how to save money on winter heating bills from efficiency.

As far as when to tune up your HVAC unit, the spring is a great time. There are many things you can both do yourself or outsource/hire a professional. The point is to be pro-active, and find details on HVAC maintenance in the spring.

Assess appliances. Decide whether gas or electric is better for your home or apartment, as they both have different up front costs as well as monthly energy bills associated with them. Learn about selecting gas or electric appliances, and the utility bills associated with them.

Another cost effective option for a home (or office) is an LED bulb. They will asst families by reducing their monthly utility bills, save on replacement costs (as the bulbs last so long), and even keep a home or apartment safe as they are cooler when operating. More details on LED light bulb benefits.

Turn off, or way down, your heat at night to save money. You will not freeze to death! There are steps you can take to keep your home or apartment warm in other ways, while your heater or furnace has been turned down. the savings on utility bills will add up. Find how to save money by turning down heat at night.




Most utility companies offer free weatherization programs or consultations for homeowners and renters. What may happen is that a professional, highly trained employee or contractor from the utility company will visit the customers home or apartment. They will analyze the customers energy usage, and recommend energy conserving enhancements to their home. The customer will then need to apply for the program. Find a listing of weatherization programs by state. Read more.