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Help and Assistance With Heating Bills

Having a house weatherized can typically save homeowners between 30 percent and 40 percent on their annual heating bills. There are also government programs that provide assistance with paying heating bills, organizations that provide free or discounted heating oil, and companies that help with weatherization.

For example, since 1976 almost 6 million homes have been weatherized, and the typical savings on heating bills is about $400 per year. In addition, Citizens Energy provides free heating oil from the Oil Heat program.

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Typical steps to take to save on utility and heating bills, and to weatherize your home include :

  • In many homes, 20% of heat loss is through leaks and poor ventilation in the home. Sealing and filling holes, cracks, and gaps, especially around windows, doors, pipes, and other areas with high potential for heat loss is extremely important. Caulk, foam sealant, window film, weather-stripping, door sweeps, electrical receptacle gaskets, and other items are used to fill these gaps and cracks.
  • Programmable thermostats can save between 10 - 20% on your heating bills. They are cheap to buy, and simple to install.
  • Weatherization will protecting pipes from freezing and corrosion.
  • Contact your utility and ask for an energy audit, many of which are free. More.
  • Installing additional insulation in floors, walls, ceilings, attics, around pipes and ducts, and around water heaters, and near the foundation and sill will save a tremendous amount on your energy and heating bills.
  • Installing storm windows and doors.
  • Lower your thermostat. For every two degrees you lower your thermostat, you can save up to 5% on heating and cooling bills.
  • Compare prices and types of plans from heating oil companies. Continue.
  • Additional tips to lower heating bills. More.