Utility Bill Assistance


Alabama weatherization assistance programs.

Alabama will be receiving millions of federal government dollars to increase weatherization programs in the state. Multiple groups, including the Community Action Committee Inc. of Chambers, Tallapoosa, and Coosa Counties will receive almost $1,000,000 in federal government stimulus funds as part of the Alabama Weatherization Association program. In total, Alabama has received almost $31 million in economic stimulus funds which will assist tens of thousands of lower income residents with installing energy saving improvements in their homes.

The program helps individuals cut their utility bills by making homes more energy efficient. Houses that qualify for weatherization assistance will be modified to improve both energy efficiency and safety.

The Community Action Committee, which is located in Dadeville, was notified in April that it was selected as one of the 15 community action agencies across the state that will be awarded up to $800,000 to improve hundreds of homes across the area.

To apply for aid, the information that is needed from the applicant, along with a completed application of course, is proof of income, social security award letter or bank statement, check stub, social security numbers for every family member in the household, proof of home ownership such as a deed, mortgage payment, property tax, or proof of rental such as a landlord statement for verification, valid identification – ID card or driver’s license – and copy of a recent utility bill.






Homeowners who are qualified to receive aid from the program will have their houses visited and tested to determine the most cost-effective measures needed to save the most amount of energy, which will lower the homeowners utility bill. Depending on the results of the home inspection, a home energy saving weatherization project will begin and it may include extra insulation for the walls and floors, attic, caulking for sealing leaks in ductwork, repairs and tune-ups to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units and systems and also the replacement of incandescent lights with more energy, highly efficient compact-fluorescent bulbs, all of which will help someone save on their utility bills.

While there are some income criteria that need to be met, the program and criteria have been relaxed so that more people can benefit from the Alabama weatherization programs.