Utility Bill Assistance


Albany Utilities H.O.P.E. assistance program

In partnership with local non-profits, the Albany Utilities Helping Others Pay for Energy Program (HOPE) is used to assist struggling customers so that they can pay their utility bills. The company, as well as partners such as the Southwest Georgia Community Action Council, collect donations from the community and they provide the funds to low income families. There is also support for people that are facing a disconnection and other struggling households.

The service was created by the company, the community action agency, as well as the Albany Utilities Board. There are both different ways to apply for utility bill assistance from the Helping Others Pay for Energy Program (H.O.P.E.) as well as to donate to it, and more information on these options are below.\

Applying for HOPE

First of all, an official form is needed. This requires proof of income as well as other information from the applicant. The assistance is one time only and is for a crisis. If the customer has a long term financial hardship, or needs other aid, then they should apply for other Albany Utilities programs such as Budget Billing, energy conservation, or even LIHEAP.

Contributions from the community pay for this emergency H.O.P.E. program. The funds are also for customers that are either unemployed or had a reduction in their work hours. Or energy assistance can be used to pay some of a bill if the household has an unexpected expense they need to pay. As maybe that bill caused them to miss their utility payment.






The Albany Utilities H.O.P.E. assistance program is often combined with a Budget Billing Plan (BBP) or conservation measures. The multi-faceted approach helps ensure the donations as well as other forms of financial aid are used effectively.

Donating to Albany Utilities Helping Other Utility Program

Southwest Georgia Community Action Council as well as the city of Albany run the Helping Others Pay for Energy Program. They process applications to it, collect donations from throughout the region as well as city, and in general ensure that it is successful. So they provide different ways to contribute to it.

One way is through a round-up option. Two of course will be a onetime cash contribution. Round up for the Albany Utilities H.O.P.E. assistance program allows a utility bill to be “rounded up” to the nearest whole dollar, with that extra amount being used as a donation.

This provides flexibility. Residents of the city may donate even just a few cents from Round Up. Or if they want to make a more significant contribution by mailing in a check they can do that as well. In either case all

of the money goes to help qualified struggling customers pay their electric or energy costs.
For more information on applying, call the community action council or Albany Utilities. Or customers can dial 229-883-8330. Ask about all options out there.