Utility Bill Assistance



Alliant Energy assistance programs

Alliant Energy offers its Wisconsin customers a few different ways to get assistance with their energy bills. They include payment options and financial assistance and grants.

Each and every year the utility company also offers moratoriums on service disconnections. It is usually a great idea to look into and negotiate a payment plan before the annual moratorium on disconnections expires.

Alliant Energy payment plan options

The most frequently offered is the minimum payment option. This would allow customers to pay only 30 percent of their balance on their bills to maintain service. The earlier you enter into the plan the better, as the percentage increases by 10 percent each month through June and will remain at 50 percent through September. The percentage also increases if the customer does not pay off their bills.

In addition to the payment plans, energy assistance funds and cash grants are available to help qualified moderate to low-income households pay a portion of their electric or winter gas bills.

A popular program offered by Alliant is the Hometown Care Energy Fund. This is a program that is funded by customer donations, and Alliant Energy offers free, confidential financial help for the low income, elderly, working poor, and disabled and families trying to make ends meet. Read more.

LIHEAP is another option. This is the federal government funded program that can help people deal with an emergency, or LIHEAP can assist them with paying their regular heating bills during the winter.

Weatherization is another federal government funded program that helps the low income, elderly, and disabled save money on their monthly utility and heating bills.

For more information on either of these service, call Alliant Energy at (866) 432-8947