Utility Bill Assistance


Get assistance with utility bills from the Neighbor to Neighbor Program

Thousands of electric utility customers in Virginia are struggling with their utility bills, and many are facing higher than expected heating bills. A program administered by both Appalachian Power and The Dollar Energy Fund, Inc., known as the The Neighbor to Neighbor Program, is offering solutions. They are working hard to help low and middle income Appalachian Power customers, whether they are in Virginia or Tennessee, by providing utility bill assistance via a network of community-based organizations and community action agencies.

While the program is fairly new, it is successful. Since the program started in November 2009, over 1,000 Appalachian Power customers have received approximately $250,000 in funds and overall utility bill assistance. It has helped these people keep their heat and utility service on, and it has helped others have their power restored if it was shut off.

The Neighbor to Neighbor Program is funded by both individual customers, local businesses, and Appalachian Power. Together these groups and individual donations allow Dollar Energy Fund to be able to provide assistance to eligible utility customers who have been making regular payments on their utility bills but still may need some extra help with paying their energy bills. In particular, with the weak economy and the higher prices for winter heating bills, these two factors are forcing households to struggle even more. So there has been an increasing number of customers who are seeking utility bill assistance, many of whom are asking for aid for the first time ever.

People who are facing all types of short term emergencies are turning to the program. There have been examples of families who are experiencing a medical emergency, or a short term reduction in income getting help. The Neighbor to Neighbor Program may be able to pay the amount owed by the applicant so they can avoid termination of their service.

Those who need assistance with paying their Appalachian Power bill should call 1-800-956-4237 to learn more or apply.

Since its founding, The Dollar Energy Fund has provided over $60 million in heating and utility bill assistance grants to more than 250,000 families and individuals in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia.