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Information on Neighbor to Neighbor program from American Electric Power

The Neighbor to Neighbor Program is being offered once again by the Dollar Energy Fund as well as American Electric Power Ohio. The program was very successful in past years, and just last year it provided over $2 million in utility bill assistance to low income, the elderly, and unemployed families in Ohio.

The Dollar Energy Fund was created by a non-profit organization to help people facing a hardship. The so called nonprofit hardship fund as well as AEP previously joined together in May 2009 to offer over $2.1 million in both utility and gas bill assistance through the Neighbor to Neighbor Program to low-income and other struggling families. In order to receive aid the applicant must have received a disconnected electric service notice.

As part of the funding and assistance that was provided last year, almost 9,000 low-to-middle income AEP Ohio individuals and families were helped across the state.

The assistance program was created to be a fund of last resort for those families and households that have exhausted all other resources that are at their disposal, such as aid from the HEAP and PIPP programs. It can also help those people that are over income limits that were put into place for other forms of assistance. As just one example of a criteria for the program, a family of four earning up to $44,100 per year is income eligible for assistance from the Neighbor to Neighbor program. In addition, to be able to qualify for help, households must have either received a notice or have disconnected electric service, they need to have a have a back balance on their utility bills, and they also must have made a sincere effort of payment on their electric bill in the last 90 days.

Through the assistance program, eligible or qualified households can receive a cash grant applied directly to their AEP utility bill.

As a matter of fact, all donations to the Neighbor to Neighbor Program will assist families residing in the state of Ohio.

The Neighbor to Neighbor program is working with a network of more than 125 charities as well as Community Based Organizations throughout Ohio to offer application services to people in need.

The program is also funding mostly by donations, as local businesses and their employees, customers of AEP, and charities may help their neighbors in need by donating, even a dollar or two, to the Neighbor to Neighbor Program. As money is donated, AEP Ohio will match each tax-deductible donation dollar for dollar, doubling the impact of your contribution and providing even more assistance to people in need.

Contact AEP customer service and ask about the Neighbor to Neighbor program.



By: Jon McNamara


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