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Assistance from Alabama Operation Warm energy bill donation program

The elderly, handicapped or Alabama families in poor health may receive assistance from Operation Warm. The program takes donations from the general public and all money raised is then provided to those low income families in Alabama that are facing an approved condition.

Non-profit agencies in Alabama administer Operation Warm. The most important organization that offers energy bill assistance from the program is the Community Action Partnership of North Alabama. The demand for assistance is very high and applications are constantly coming in. All money raised will make a big difference in the community.

As noted, the number of household helped depends on donations from the community. Any person or business can help fund this assistance program by donating $1.00 or more above your monthly utility bill. Both recurring and one time donations are always accepted. For anyone who can or that would like to contribute each month to Operation Warm, dial the organization at (256) 552-1400. Applications for all assistance are available through Community Action Partnership of North Alabama. Also note that Decatur Utilities does not have or accept applications or they will be involved in determining any need for assistance.

To apply for help, note that the Operation WARM program is available in certain parts of Alabama. It is administered through the is Community Action of North Alabama. The non-profit provides assistance on a one time basis to persons who are handicapped, elderly or in a health crisis situation. All funding is provided by residents of Morgan and Lawrence counties through donations on their monthly electric bills or they can contribute one time only.

Many people are supported by the agency. Assistance is offered for a young family struggling with unemployment or a senior adult living on a meager income. Thousands of families all over the Alabama area can have hope, power and heat during the winter through Operation WARM. Hundreds of families can keep their power on every year as a result of donations. To apply, call a local agency or your utility company and ask for referrals or more details.





All money contributed is tax deductible. Also note that people can change the amount of their contribution at any time by contacting an office or by submitting a new registration form. So if you donate funds today or for a period of time and your financial situation changes, then the individual can stop or adjust that contribution amount at any time.

By: Jon McNamara


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