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Atmos Energy Kentucky Share the Warmth utility bill donation program.

An annual donation program from Atmos Energy is known as Share the Warmth. Relying on donations from customers and local businesses, the company works to help those that are less fortunate, with a focus on seniors and the disabled. Contributions are raised and distributed in partnership with local social service and non-profit agencies.

The money donated by the community can assist those that are struggling with the ever increasing costs of gas and utility bills. In fact, that is the main reason that Sharing the Warmth was even created. Not only can anyone donate, but Atmos Energy also makes matching grants. Many Atmos employees, shareholders, and management will donate too.

If you contribute, the money will stay in the community where you live. So it might even help a neighbor who is struggling with their bills. Every dollar contributed is important and all donations make a difference. There are also often tax deductions in place that people can receive, so this will in effect lower the cost of the program for a donor.

The donation process is straightforward and easy to follow. Throughout the year, Atmos Energy customers of all income levels can donate by checking an amount on the back of their monthly utility bills. That amount of the contribution is then added onto the customer’s gas bill.

They can also donate online or by contacting a local social service agency in their town or county. Other options including rounding up a monthly Atmos Energy utility bill to the next highest dollar amount. All funds contributed by a business or individual are given to energy-assistance agencies to help qualified people pay their utility bills.

For those seeking assistance, they can contact Atmos for a referral to an application site in Kentucky. It can be a place such as the Salvation Army or similar locations. The process applications and disburse funds too.

Based on donations and requests, Atmos Energy headquarters allocates funds to each county in Kentucky. There is usually enough contributed so that thousands of families can receive some form of support. Many people have been generous in helping with Share the Warmth and the donations to it.

The focus of any funds is for the disabled, elderly, seniors, and families with children. Share the Warmth may be able to help them if funds are available and application conditions are met. All resources are very limited.

Also, the amount that a Kentucky family will receive is small. This is not a government subsidy, like LIHEAP, and is strictly focused on the needy in the state of Kentucky that are facing a crisis. So various restrictions and limits are in place. Call (800) 286-6700.


By: Jon McNamara



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